SmartStyle Prices (Walmart Hair Salon)

Walmart hair salon prices

If you are looking for a convenient salon perfect for the whole family, there is almost no easier option than the Walmart hair salon called SmartStyle. Located in a majority of Walmarts across the country, this salon is easy to find and even easier on your wallet.

SmartStyle prices start at $19 for an adult haircut and go up from there, depending on the service chosen.

Why Choose SmartStyle?

If you already shop at a Walmart near you, there is almost no other reason that you will need to go to SmartStyle, which is the name of the Walmart hair salon.

Because there are over 2,000 of these salons across the nation, you will find them to be incredibly accessible whether you live in an urban, suburban, or even somewhat rural setting.

SmartStyle is also the smart choice for busy families. If you are a busy parent or business person, SmartStyle can save you time by letting you combine your regular hair appointments with the errands or grocery shopping that you are already doing.

You can always find plenty of parking at any Walmart and never need to worry about setting an appointment, as this salon offers walk-in appointments throughout all of their convenient salon locations.

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This salon is perfect for the whole family, is completely affordable, offers all of your favorite haircare services, and has plenty of friendly and knowledgeable stylists. With the service quality of Regis and Walmart prices, SmartStyle is a perfect combo.

SmartStyle prices

Walmart Hair Salon Services Offered

Walmart hair salons provide a full array of haircare services, from haircuts to permanent and temporary styling. Whether you need a quick trim or are looking for a whole new look, SmartStyle offers just what you need.

Plus, every haircare service here comes with a complimentary shampoo, conditioner treatment, and scalp massage for no added charge. Haircuts are available for men, women, and children.

If you are looking for a bit more of a change or want to change things up for a special occasion, consider one of their many chemical services.

Color services include all-over hair color as well as full or partial highlights. SmartStyle typically charges by the number of highlights that you want.

Other services to consider include basic, specialty, and Malibu conditioning treatments, full or partial perms, basic or luxury styling, relaxers, and waxing of up to three areas on your face.

SmartStyle Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


All haircut services include a complimentary shampoo.
Adult Haircut$19
Adult Haircut & Express Dry$22
Kid's Haircut (10 and under)$13
Kid's Haircut & Express Dry (10 and under)$16
Buzz Cut
One guard length all over.


All coloring services include a shampoo and blow dry style.
Permanent or Demi Permanent$54 & up
Full Foil$60 & up
7 Foils$30 & up
14 Foils$50 & up
Individual Foils
Up to 5 foils.
$7.00 each
Dimensional Color
One foil color; add $10 for each additional color.
$60 & up
Cap Highlighting$54
Bleach (includes toner)$65 & up
Beautiful Browns or Jazzing$30 & up
Glossifier$30 & up
Color Rinse$4.00


Color Remover (per application)$21.00


All styles include a shampoo.
Basic Style
Roller set, blow dry, braid, hot iron (ends or bangs).
$18 & up
Advanced Style
Blow dry and hot iron (all over), wrap.
$22.95 & up
Therma Smooth
4-step, non-chemical straightening system.
$38 & up
Specialty Style
Updos, finger waves, freeze, hard press curls, barrel curls, flat iron and blow dry, roller set w/ wrap.
$32 & up
Luxury Style
Twist, windmill, piggyback, spiral curls, candlestick, straw set.
$54 & up


All perms include a shampoo,l haircut, and express dry.
Basic Wave$54 & up
Specialty Wrap
Spiral, windmill, piggyback, candlestick.
$65 & up
Partial Perm
10 rods or less.
$26.00 & up


All relaxers include hydrating conditioner and basic style.
Relaxer Retouch
Regrowth 1" or less.
$55 & up
Virgin Relaxer$60 & up


Wave Nouveau
Includes straightening, curl, and haircut.
Basic Conditioner$2.00
Moisturizing Conditioner$4.00
Special Care Conditioner$9.00
Intense Conditioner$12.00
Brow, Lip, and Chin available.
$12.00 each

Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday10:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday10:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday10:00am – 7:00pm
Friday10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday10:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Just like Walmart, SmartStyle offers nearly any salon-quality brand and type of haircare product that you could possibly need.

Whether you are looking for a specialty product for curly, aging, thin, dry, or oily hair or are simply looking for a shampoo and conditioner set perfect for everyday use, you will have no problem finding it here.

SmartStyle sells all of your favorite haircare brands, including CHI, Joico, Kenra, Mizani, Sebastian, and TIGI. You can also purchase electric appliances and handheld tools to help you style your hair.

If you are hoping to save money but still get the same great look at home that you enjoyed while at the salon, consider SmartStyle’s budget brand from their parent company, Regis.

These DesignLine products are created for a wide array of needs and also include various hair brushes and other hairstyling tools.

Company History

The Walmart hair salon known as SmartStyle is a part of the enormous Regis Corporation, the largest worldwide hair salon corporation with over 10,000 salons, including their own Regis Salons.

Of those 10,000, SmartStyle encompasses over 2,100 of them. Cost Cutters and Fiesta Salon are two other well-known hair salon brands owned by the Regis Corporation.

The Regis brand created SmartStyle to cash in on a great possibility. With Walmart hair salons, the brand can easily catch many customers who are already passing through Walmart running errands or doing their shopping.

With the salon’s great customer service and amazing prices, the brand can quickly garner clients for life.

SmartStyle was begun as part of Regis in 1998. It has quickly grown into 49 of the 50 states as well as into Canada and Puerto Rico. The corporation worked diligently and quickly to get SmartStyle salons into as many Walmart stores as possible in the shortest possible time.

In just over 20 years, this desire has nearly come to pass. With a commitment to customer service, quality styling, and affordable services, SmartStyle continues to maintain its current customer base while also reaching out to new clients who are passing through Walmart stores.

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45 thoughts on “SmartStyle Prices (Walmart Hair Salon)”

  1. I went to get my hair cut today at smart style and after when I got to the register I was sign on it that said there would be a charge of $3.95 surcharge for OSHA for sanitization. When I ask the girl she told me its for the mask they wore and the gloves and for cleaning, I’m sorry but I don’t think I should be charge for there cleaning of the store.

    Think of the money they are collecting for that. Yes I did post this on Facebook and I will post it again if I have to its cheating People. Thank you.

    • No they shouldn’t charge fees for what they’ve already been getting paid for before covid. Its ridiculous how companies take advantage of customer’s just to make a buck.

    • Went to get my eye brows waxed my hair cut layered and thinned and was charged 75.00 when I went back into talk to the manager I found out that it was the same person who acted and treated me as if she was better than me said it was because I was there for an 1 hour and a half and the girl cutting my hair literally had to cut it 3 times when she only cut it twice and that was her fault she didn’t cut it the first time so now I’m looking for a phone number to make a complaint I don’t think I should have had to pay for them messing up my waxing and my hair cut

  2. Went in to get a long Bob cut with baby bangs even had the picture on my phone so I could show her and ask if she could do it , she said yes, I won’t say her name but I won’t have her doing my hair again, she cut it just below my ears, I said something about it, didn’t matter.. baby bangs that were feathered in the picture, she cut straight across,then tried to fix it a little, I’ll go to artisians they haven’t graduated yet but I bet they can do better with a lot lower price..

  3. Glad I didn’t go here now that I have read these reviews! That is ridiculous charging people for “sanitation”, something that they should of been doing prior to covid anyhow and I’ve never heard of being charged! I will spread the word as well! Also I had a bad feeling the stylist would be either armatures or just not care about how it turns out.. I haven’t been to a salon like these in years for that reason. Last time was a disaster. I’d rather pay more and go to someone that is qualified and knows hair opposed to someone just trying to rip off paying customers. Otherwise I’ll just do my own hair care.
    Walmarts salon should be penalized for ripping off customers..that is wrong in ALL ways.

  4. My location was so dirty, nothing was sanitized! I saw the stylist using the same comb on multiple clients all at once. She had 5 ppl along with me, and when it fell on the floor, it went right back in my hair. No barbicide containers anywhere. So gross, and I am so close to people at the wash station, and they have someone get up, and you go right in their chair with no sanitation in between people. Only 1 old expired in 2018 sanitizer bottle at the register and prices are actually much higher in person. You pay the same at a high end salon, except at a high end salon you get a clean and safe stress free environment. Super disappointed in Walmart salon, I am not sure how no one has gotten sick.

  5. Tiffany Porter is amazing at smart style the only thing that was put down for appointment was color but my daughter got total highlights done and Tiffany had so much patients with her hair. In the end my daughter hair looks amazing and beautiful I recommend Tiffany if you want color.

  6. Im a manager/stylist at SmartStyle , we definitely don’t charge extra for cleaning. We also kept our prices the same, and at my salons we are actually trying to create a better package priced hair service….. we also strive to keep everything very clean….. FYI you shouldn’t be charged extra haircuts, not if its long. We do however charge for length when we do blowouts

  7. I had an appt. today at SmartStyle / Walmart in Manitowoc. I’m growing my hair out so I just needed a slight trim. I was not offered a shampoo and it took her “maybe” 5 minutes to trim. I was offered a blow dry but declined. $16.95??? Are you kidding me???

    • That’s cheap cause if you were sitting in my chair I would have charged you $40. Next time why don’t you have a friend or family member cut your hair since you think it’s not a big deal & hand them a few bucks. I am sure you would complain about your them….SO WHAT if you are growing it out…please tell me the difference between a “trim” and a “cut”….??? You think if you say “trim” you get a cheaper price? It’s clients like you that stylist dread having in their chairs!!!!

  8. I went into a SmartStyle in Bullhead City and the girl charged me 20.97 for a haircut with two dollars and ten cents offer senior total price with 18.87. I got home I looked up online and for the price I paid it was the worst haircut I’ve had it in my life. It was so chopped up I went back and showed her how it a horrible job she did. She said that me fix it, I said no way. I did ask how much a perm would be just to see what she would price me at she said 60. I have hardly no hair now. Talk about being ripped off and I agree with you there sanitizing don’t happen. They don’t even sanitize their chairs after 7 sits in. It’s the worst place ever and the girl who cut my hair was the manager.

  9. I booked an appointment online for today at 5pm at the Walmart in wake Forest, NC. So I called to confirm the appt. and the stylest said she was closing at 5pm. Do the stylest make their own hours for the salon? If they are closing at 5pm why did the online appointment booking not show this?

  10. I will never go back. Kokomo,In $3.95 cleaning fee. Nope didn’t know till we paid. This is wrong. Such a slap in the face. Never again.

  11. Went for a hair cut tonight after going there for awhile paying 18 something to paying 28.00. And my hair isn’t even that long…

    • I used to work for SmartStyle. You have to take these prices with a grain of salt since it’s very location dependent. These are probably most accurate out of the price lists I’ve seen online but like any salon chain, each location can set their own prices.

  12. Well I finally went to a salon for my very first time to get some highlights done so they suggested foiling my hair to get highlights and lowlights also a specialty color of ash brown done also but my hair was however colored prior to this appointment. I had the color removed which was black but 90% of my hair was a copper tone after color restoration was applied.
    The Stylist proceeded to do foils on the half portion of the crown of my head and apply and between the foils the ash brown well needless to say the foils were applied almost three quarters of an inch away from my scalp and and none of the edges lined up can’t wear my hair pulled back into a ponytail then mistakes started to happened to where she bleached two polka dots at the very top of my head where my hair Parts down the middle also missed a 2-inch wide strand of hair over my ear with the ash brown hair color to remove this black out of my hair she was supposed to do that on the first visit so anyway she applied the ash brown in between my foils and managed not to get any of my roots and this supposed ash brown color looks like an Auburn red so my hair was quadrupled processed within 5 days but on the specialty color appointment.
    I wish triple processed due no to attention to detail and carelessness with foils then just to try to convince me at the end of the appointment they were just trying to do me a service and if I’d a went anywhere else who would have been $500 but with them I was told 75 for the specialty color and then all this inflation came about when I made my way to my appointment instead of 75 we’re paying 155 after I just spent 40 totaling almost 200 hundred bucks and now my hair is a disaster when I could have lived with the copper colored tone but they tried to tell me that I was even lucky to get the black out of my hair let alone get highlights put in it but when I walked into the establishment I had red copper tones in my hair ready to be turned blonde total botched job and will be returning to get my money back and two boxes of free hair color to leave with to do at home myself cuz I can’t walk around looking like this anymore I have seen some bad haircuts but I can officially say mine is absolutely ridiculous and no skill it looks like nobody know what the heck they were are doing at that establishment.

  13. I had an appointment for a perm and haircut on Friday at 11:00 at Smart Style in Walmart on Dana Drive in Redding Ca Only one girl doing a perm and she said the girl I had the appointment with would be there shortly. She was 20 minutes late and I had no where to sit while waiting. She said she couldn’t do my perm because she had a doctors appt. and didn’t have the time to do a perm, The shop is dirty and the employees dress very unprofessionally. The $3.99 disinfecting charge is a rip-off. I have been a customer for ever since they set up business. I will never go back.

  14. I got a haircut just a few days ago,they charged $21.00 I paid when I got home I looked up the pricing online I could not find anything for $21.00 so I called the store the lady told me that the price just changed last week,and gave me the # to call the manager I did call her she tried to tell me I was looking at the wrong store I told her I didn’t im not going back to Wal-Mart ever

    • Please keep in mind that hair salons in general can vary prices per salon location. A SmartStyle in a a major metropolitan area will likely have higher prices than one in a small town in the Midwest.

  15. I’m just reading all this review and I am “terrified”. I’m sitting waiting on my perm to develop , I will let you know How this turns out
    Maryville, TN

    • Don’t be. I’ve had nothing but good experiences here. Keep in mind that most people will only post online about a bad experience. You won’t hear about the good ones.

    • Don’t be… I’ve literally NEVER had a bad experience. Note most are complaining about price and out of those, most paid under $25 and are upset. This is not 1990 and you should expect to pay $25-$30 for a basic cut. These stylists are performing a service and should be paid. Most of these people don’t even tip. And “I took in a pic but I don’t look like the pic now!” Come on.. they were NEVER going to look like the picture.

  16. So my visit was amazing! My hair was wash, perm, cut, blow dry, and styled, reading all the reviews I was very scared, but I definitely recommend this place, not everyone’s visit is bad 🙂 Maryville Tennessee

      • I have called Walmart Smart style and told them, my hair comes down to mid butt length, I just want dead ends cut off for My birthday Sunday, layers put in to thin it out and give me body, and highlights. I spoke to 2 people on Sunday who told me I would have to get the manager to do my hair. She told me it would take 6 to8 hours to do my hair! And she couldn’t do it till Thursday at 10. And it will cost at least 120 to 150. I have tried several other salons to get a haircut and highlights. I will be 41. No One Will even call me back. It’s pathetic. I already always tip 20 bucks or more. I asked her what the other 4 people that’s working there do, since they can’t cut hair? It’s just not right, and the price doesn’t sound right either. Anyone have any recommendations for Jackson county Alabama or Marion orr Hamilton county TN? So upset I can’t get my haircut and highlights for my 41st b’day, also Easter. Sad.

  17. I just read through the list of complaints. If someone sees a dirty salon with no barbacide and a stylist using the same comb after being dropped or on another person they should call the health department, they do regular inspections here in BC.
    Please do not complain about paying for a haircut when you didn’t need much taken off, it takes the same amount of effort if you take a 1/2 or 3 inches off, you are paying for what is on your head, not on the floor.
    Colour correction is tricky business. We hairdressers take hours and hours of training to be able to fix people’s hair problems. At every course I have taken over many years they first tell us, if you gut says “no”, just tell the client “no”. There are so many surprises when doing this very technical procedure. If your hairdresser agrees to re-colouring your hair and it doesn’t turn out the way you want it, just be glad you didn’t have to have a “chemical hair cut” Black is SUPER tricky to remove.
    One last point, if I had to pay an extra few dollars for the extra covid precautions I would be saying thank you for the efforts you are putting forth to protect us……..that being said, remember these wise words……..”you get what you pay for”.

  18. I have been going to Smart Style for a long time. The one I normally use was closed. So I started using one close to my work. Every time I go in to have my hair done it cost more and more. This time I got a base color, a single highlight, waxing, and a hair cut. It cost with a tip $207.46. The person charged me for each item separately. $72 for the color, $64 for the highlights, $23 for the haircut. The prices do not match what they advertise. I am not unhappy with the look, but only the cost factor.

  19. I’m done with SmartStyle. They’re a could give a damn everytime I have used them. I just had a coloring and trim. I needed the roots for sure but the overall color was faded yet, she asked me at 84$ for a color if I wanted her to pull the color through? Seriously. Lazy woman. Not one compliment or word of encouragement. I guess that’s because I’m not a twenty year old with crazy hormones sprouting hair from every follicle. I am done paying these bloated salon prices. I, too, have bills to pay but this is one franchise that can stuff it.

  20. I took my two daughters and got their hair done one had hair dyed and the other had dead ends cut off ages 11 and 8 and they didn’t do what we wanted they my oldest wanted her hair dyed all over and they said that it would take alot to dye her hair all over to the color she wanted so we said some highlights would be fine and they put maybe 7 foils in her hair then after cutting my youngest ones hair she braided it in one simple braid and they charged me 102.73 and they ended up charging me for a hair dye all over her head and for an adult hair cut with shampoo and style.

  21. I just got my hair colored this week and I’ve washed it once and the color has faded extremely bad it was red and now it’s a rust color. Will they fix this for free or would anyone know if they would? The color was a permanent color and they bleached some of my hair to put the red in over top of my brown and it’s faded so bad I’m scared to wash it again.

  22. I booked a full foil for my daughter today. The lady who did her hair scalp bleached her hair, causing chemical burns on her head. My daughter was a dark brown, she wanted to keep brown at the top and have it fade to lighter at the ends. This woman bleached her whole head! She claimed to not use bleach. I told her multiple times that her roots looked orange and her hair was looking orange, she said that it would be beautiful and to let her work. She did not listen at all! I showed her a picture 3 times. She blamed it on my daughters hair lifting higher than she thought it would.. but there was no reason to bleach her roots! She was extremely rude and used a curse word at me. She charged me $175 which shook me because it doesn’t need even say services cost that much on their site. So my child left, orange/yellow hair, upset and her head burning. And the stylist told me she wasn’t giving me a refund and to call the owner. The owner has been avoiding me. To say I’m mad is an understatement. So I have to find an actual hair stylist who isn’t a train wreck to fix this mess that woman left us with. I plan to make sure nobody I knows, ever uses her l.

  23. I got my haircut yesterday and my friend noticed a charge for add on length. I didn’t add any hair to my natural hair. What does it mean? We paid over $25 it’s crazy that another charge was added to a simple haircut. I think next time I get my haircut I’ll find somewhere else. In total over $40 for a haircut is downright ridiculous

  24. I’ve been going to the salon at WalMart in MacArthur for a while now. All of a sudden the price for a simple haircut went from $16 to $26. That is a ridiculous jump. If I didn’t like my stylist so much I would go elsewhere.

  25. Went to Walmart for the the smart style to get a short bob haircut instead got a choppy dingy hairstyle with no lift or texture on top. I did show a picture of the cut I wanted but was surprised with the choppy outlook at home the next day no where near the cut I wanted. So the cut was 25.95 plus the hair color I was charged 90. I didn’t get the courteous shampoo. I feel I was overcharged and am upset with the cut, I’m going back to get a refund.


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