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Looking for a transformative hair experience that combines style with substance? Carlton Hair Salons delivers just that, with a touch of elegance and a commitment to personalized care.

Step into a world where each haircut and color service is more than a routine appointment. Discover the unique blend of skill, style, and sophistication that Carlton Hair offers in the sections ahead.

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Why Choose Carlton Hair Salons?

Carlton Hair Salons are known for their high-quality hair styling and focus on customer satisfaction, offering a wide range of services that cater to both current trends and classic looks.

They prioritize personalized service, making sure that each appointment is customized to fit the client’s specific needs and preferences. It’s an approach supported by their use of top-tier haircare products, aiming to achieve great results while keeping hair healthy.

Beyond just haircuts and color, Carlton Hair provides a comprehensive salon experience, including tips on how to maintain your style at home. Their stylists are regularly trained in the latest industry trends and techniques, ready to offer advice for all hair types.

Carlton Hair translates runway trends into wearable styles, bridging high fashion with everyday looks. Their focus on innovation, education, and creativity sets them apart in the hair industry.

You’ll find the salons in fashion hubs, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Their expertise in fashion allows them to offer the latest in hair design to their clients, making them a go-to for those seeking trendsetting hairstyles.

Choosing Carlton Hair means entering a welcoming space where professional hairdressing and genuine customer care come together. It’s a place where you leave feeling better, more confident, and satisfied with your look, highlighting why Carlton Hair is a standout choice among hair salons.

Services Offered & Price List 

Carlton Hair Salons offers a full line of services, including essentially everything you’d find available in any high-end salon (although not at high-end prices). Here’s a rundown of their services, plus the average prices. Keep in mind prices may vary across individual locations. 

Haircut & Finish

ServicesAverage Price
Stylist $52

The Traditional Short Cut

ServicesAverage Price

Child’s Haircut

ServicesAverage Price

Blow-Dry & Style 

ServicesAverage Price


ServicesAverage Price

Wave Or Highlights (8 Foils Or Less) 

ServicesAverage Price

Wave Or Highlights (Partial) 

ServicesAverage Price

Wave Or Highlights (Full) 

ServicesAverage Price

Permanent Wave

ServicesAverage Price


Services (On Pre-Washed Hair)Average Price


carlton hair salons

Carlton Hair Salons offers a wide range of professional products to help you maintain your hairstyle and keep your hair healthy at home. From rejuvenating oils to transformative treatments, they provide everything needed to extend the salon experience to your daily routine.

Note that not every product is necessarily available at every location, so you should contact locations directly if you’re searching for something specific.

Moroccanoil products, featured at Carlton, are celebrated for their enriching argan oil-based formula. Packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, Moroccanoil helps revitalize both hair and skin, offering a touch of luxury and effective restoration.

Kérastase is tailored to the unique needs of every woman, aiming to empower her with beauty and style. Carlton Hair stylists can help you select the right Kérastase products, ensuring personalized care that transforms and indulges your hair.

Bumble and Bumble stands out for their comprehensive range of hair care and styling products, from shampoos to styling creams. Available at Carlton, these products cater to every styling need, ensuring your hair is always ready for any occasion.

Goldwell, chosen by Carlton for hair color services, also offers specialized home care products to protect and maintain your salon color. With Dualsenses and StyleSign lines, Goldwell ensures your hair color stays vibrant and your style holds perfectly, day after day.

Salon Hours

Each Carlton Hair Salon operates on its unique schedule, with hours varying by location. Additionally, individual stylists may maintain their own hours, offering flexibility to accommodate clients’ needs.

During the week, many Carlton Hair Salons are open from 9 a.m. to the later evening, catering to those who prefer visiting after work. It’s common for these salons to remain open until 7, 8, or even 9 p.m., providing ample opportunity for appointments outside of traditional business hours.

On weekends, most Carlton Hair Salons are still available for your hair care needs, albeit with slightly reduced hours. They often open later in the morning, adapting to the relaxed pace of weekend routines.

To ensure your visit is as smooth as possible, it’s always best to call ahead or check the salon’s hours online. Scheduling an appointment is a reliable way to confirm the salon will be ready to welcome you at your convenience.

Company History

Carlton Hair Salons, renowned for their professional and innovative hair care services, are a proud member of the Regis Corporation family. This affiliation aligns them with one of the leading names in the hair salon industry, enhancing their reputation for quality and service.

The Regis Corporation, an American powerhouse in the hair salon sector, operates thousands of franchised and company-owned salons across the globe. With headquarters in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, Regis owns several well-known brands, including SmartStyle, Supercuts, and Cost Cutters, among others.

Their connection to Regis Corporation provides Carlton Hair Salons with a wealth of industry knowledge, resources, and a broad network, supporting their mission to offer top-tier hairdressing experiences. Being part of such a distinguished and expansive organization allows Carlton Hair to continuously elevate their services and stay at the forefront of hair styling and care innovations.

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