Beach Bum Tanning Prices

Beach Bum Tanning prices

With a Beach Bum Tanning salon located near your neighborhood, there’s no reason why you can’t look your best today. Beach Bum Tanning currently has over 50 locations on the East Coast and offers a wide variety of membership plans and walk-in tanning options to help you get an amazing bronzed glow for your skin.

You’ll always have a luxurious experience in a calming environment here and will find plenty of trained consultants ready to help you find the best product or tanning package to meet your needs.

With such a fabulous personalized experience, you will never have any need to look elsewhere for exceptional tanning services. Beach Bum Tanning prices start at $10* for a single Bronze tanning session or $25/month for a Bronze Beach Pass membership.

* Prices may vary depending on location

Why Choose Beach Bum Tanning?

There are most likely several tanning salons in and around your neighborhood. However, you will quickly find that Beach Bum Tanning offers you an unparalleled experience that you will not be able to find elsewhere.

The gorgeous environment, a wide array of customizable membership packages, and numerous state-of-the-art tanning beds and sunless tanning options set this company apart from the competition.

Plus, you will find Smart Tan-certified consultants here who can help you with everything from current tanning trends to airbrush artistry designed to highlight your best assets.

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If you are looking for sunless tanning, you will have a hard time finding a tanning salon that pays more attention to the details than Beach Bum Tanning does. The consultants here mix a customizable color just for you, using over 150 different shades to create unique and natural-looking colors whether you are going on vacation or just want to look your best for an upcoming party.

Not only does Beach Bum Tanning offer convenient membership packages, but also three salons currently offer online booking with many other locations set to offer this service soon. Locations with online booking also offer a convenient app for managing your appointments.

Other salons offer plenty of online promotions, making a visit to the company’s website a smart move before your next appointment.

Beach Bum tanning price list

Services Offered

At Beach Bum, a safe and gorgeous tan is a top priority. That is why you will find plenty of sunbeds and sunless tanning options at every location.

Many locations offer the cutting-edge Versa Spa Pro Sunless Booth (also available at LA Tan) or the Mystic KYSS Sunless Booth for an effortless glow. You can also ask for professional airbrush tanning along with your tanning service or on its own.

Of course, you can also opt for a traditional sunbed experience instead if you are looking for year-round bronzed skin or for a sun-kissed glow before you head out on vacation. Some sunbeds come with special facial tanners or premier features, including aromatherapy or cooling technology for your comfort.

You might be surprised by some of the other services offered at Beach Bum Tanning. The goal at each of these salons is to help you look and feel your best.

You can relax before your tanning session with sports, deep tissue, or Swedish massage, or you can opt for reflexology to help you get a handle on headaches, digestive ailments, and more.

Certain locations also offer a smart sauna, body wrap, or other spa options to help you sweat out toxins and become fitter and healthier. You may even be able to add eyelash extensions, Botox, and a face or body mask to your experience, depending on your neighborhood location.

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Beach Bum Tanning Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


Bronze Beach Pass
No commitment (after one-time $30 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles.
"Any Bed" Beach Pass
No commitment (after one-time $49 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles.
"Any Bed" Beach Pass (w/ Sunless Booth)
No commitment (after one-time $49 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles.
"Infrared Sweat" Beach Pass
No commitment (after one-time $20 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles.
"Sunless" Beach Pass
No commitment (after one-time $20 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles; 50% off add-ons.
"Sunless" Beach Pass (w/ 2 Add-ons)
No commitment (after one-time $20 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles.
"All Access" Beach Pass
No commitment (after one-time $49 setup fee). Rewards: 30% off full-size lotion bottles; 50% off add-ons.


  • It’s the most cost-effective way to keep your glow year-round!
  • 30% off Full Sized Lotion Bottles
  • Easy cancellations
  • Upgrades!Just $10 – for Sunless Sessions
    Just $25 – for Airbrush Sessions




Bronze (1 Session)$10.00
Bronze (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$39.00
Bronze (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$69.00
Bronze (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$119.00
Bronze (30-Day Membership)$59.00
Platinum (1 Session)$23.00
Platinum (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$95.00
Platinum (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$159.00
Platinum (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$275.00
Platinum (30-Day Membership)$139.00
Titanium (1 Session)$28.00
Titanium (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$115.00
Titanium (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$199.00
Titanium (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$335.00
Titanium (30-Day Membership)$169.00
Diamond (1 Session)$34.00
Diamond (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$135.00
Diamond (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$239.00
Diamond (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$409.00
Diamond (30-Day Membership)$199.00





Single Visit$30
5 Sessions$138
10 Sessions$248
20 Sessions$478
30 Day Membership$128
1 Year Membership$580


Single Visit$45
5 Sessions$178
10 Sessions$318
20 Sessions$538
30 Day Membership$198
1 Year Membership$980




Sunless Booth (1 Session)$29.00
Sunless Booth (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$115.00
Sunless Booth (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$205.00
Sunless Booth (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$349.00
Airbrush (1 Session)$39.00
Airbrush (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$159.00
Airbrush (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$275.00
Airbrush (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$469.00
Infrared Sweat (1 Session)$25.00
Infrared Sweat (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)$99.00
Infrared Sweat (Buy 7 Get 3 Free)$175.00
Infrared Sweat (Buy 12 Get 8 Free)$299.00

Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday9:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday9:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Beach Bum offers a wide array of popular products designed for health, wellness, and beauty at each of its locations. Choose from hydrating lotions to help you protect and nourish your skin after your next tanning session.

You can also shop from a selection of tanning intensifiers and extenders so that you can get the most out of your gorgeous color. Your consultant will also help you choose the right products to maintain your airbrush tan.

Most of these products can be purchased from behind the counter at your local Beach Bum Tanning salon. If you are not sure which product is best for you, you can ask a highly trained consultant for a recommendation of what can be used before or after your next tanning or sunless tanning session.

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Company History

Beach Bum Tanning has long been based out of Manhattan in New York City and has expanded in the years since its first storefront opened in 1986. Today, over 50 Beach Bum Tanning salons can be found across the East Coast, with a majority of them located in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. There are also several franchised locations open in Connecticut and West Virginia.

These salons are recognized as leaders in the beauty industry within their communities. With trained tanning consultants on staff and premier tanning packages, Beach Bum Tanning has set itself apart for providing a more luxurious and personalized experience than you can find elsewhere.

Plus, reasonable monthly membership rates for each of its package levels make it easy to keep up your tan all year long.

Beach Bum Tanning is also seen as being one of the first salon brands to branch out extensively into airbrush tanning. With a focus on organic, vegan treatment solutions, the brand appeals to the deep interests of many of its environmentally conscious customers today.

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