Floyd’s Barbershop Prices

Looking for a classic cut or the latest style? Floyd’s Barbershop has skilled barbers for every need.

From traditional trims to modern hair designs, this place welcomes everyone. Discover the variety of services and competitive pricing Floyd offers in the article ahead.

Floyd's Barbershop

Why Choose Floyd’s? 

Floyd’s Barbershop combines the nostalgia of vintage barbershops with the modern touches of today’s styling trends. The staff at Floyd’s are not only skilled with scissors and razors but are also attuned to the latest in hair care and style, ensuring you leave looking your best.

The commitment to customer service at Floyd’s is unparalleled, offering a welcoming environment for men, women, and children alike. With a diverse range of services, from classic cuts to contemporary styling and coloring, Floyd’s caters to every need. 

Plus, their unique blend of music, pop culture decor, and friendly barbers make every appointment something to look forward to.

What sets Floyd’s Barbershop apart is their dedication to the community and creating a space where everyone feels at home. They believe in giving back, often hosting events and fundraisers to support local causes. Choosing Floyd’s means joining a family that values quality, service, and community engagement above all else.

Services Offered & Price List 

Floyd's Barbershop Mens Hair Cut

Floyd’s prides itself on providing a full range of barber services, from simple haircuts and shaves to coloring, waxing, and more. 

Haircut Services

ServicesAverage Price
Floyd’s Cut (most common type of cut)$38
Mid-Length Cut$47
Long Layer Cut$52
Kids Cut$29

Whether you’re after the classic charm of a Floyd’s Cut or the elegance of a Mid-Length Cut, Floyd’s Barbershop tailors each service with unmatched precision and care. Prices reflect the quality and detail of the work, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and confident.

For those seeking a transformation or simply maintaining their style, the Long Layer Cut offers a sophisticated option, while the Kids Cut makes stylish haircuts accessible for the younger crowd. Add a Shampoo to any service for a complete and rejuvenating experience, all at a value that’s hard to beat.


Floyd's Barbershop Mens Shaving
ServicesAverage Price
Beard-Trim Straight Razor$48
Classic Shave$48
Beard Trim$20
Design Work$25
Neck Clean-Up $18

Indulge in the timeless luxury of a Classic Shave or opt for the precision of a Beard-Trim Straight Razor. Each service is designed to elevate your grooming experience with Floyd’s Barbershop’s expert touch. At $48, these services blend tradition with modern techniques to ensure impeccable results.

For those seeking detailed grooming, the Beard Trim and Design Work options offer meticulous attention to your personal style, priced affordably at $20 and $25, respectively. For a quick refresh, the Neck Clean-Up service, at just $18, provides a neat and polished finish, showcasing Floyd’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of men’s grooming.


Brow Wax$15
Ear Wax$15
Nose Wax$15
Chin Wax$15
Lip Wax$15

Step into Floyd’s Barbershop for a comprehensive waxing experience, where each service, from Brow to Lip Wax, is priced at an accessible $15 (on average). 

Whether it’s refining your brows, removing unwanted ear or nose hair, or ensuring a smooth chin and upper lip, Floyd’s offers a discreet and comfortable setting for all your waxing needs. Their skilled professionals ensure each waxing session is efficient, leaving you looking and feeling your best.


Men’s Gray Coverage$45
Highlight – Full Single$175
Single Process$85
BalayageCall for consultation

Floyd’s Barbershop elevates your hair coloring game, offering a variety of services from Men’s Gray Coverage to Gloss, each at $45, and sophisticated techniques like Full Single Highlights at $175. For those seeking a complete transformation, the Single Process option is reasonably priced at $85, with Toner services also available to refine your new hue for the same price.

For the more personalized, hand-painted Balayage technique, Floyd’s encourages a consultation to tailor the service to your unique style and needs. This approach ensures that every coloring service is not just a treatment but a bespoke experience designed to enhance your individual look.

Products Sold By Floyd’s Barbershop 

Floyd’s Barbershop offers a curated selection of hair care products, ensuring clients maintain their fresh look between visits. Their high-quality shampoos and conditioners are designed to meet the needs of all hair types, promoting healthy, manageable hair.

Floyd’s molding paste is a go-to product for anyone looking to add definition and hold to their hairstyle. It’s made with Goji Berry Extract to provide a strong yet flexible hold, allowing for easy styling and re-styling throughout the day.

The styling cream offered by Floyd’s Barbershop is perfect for clients seeking a natural look with a slight hold. It enhances hair’s texture and volume without leaving it stiff or sticky.

Finally, Floyd’s texture powder is an innovative solution for those aiming to achieve volume and a matte finish. It’s lightweight and easy to use, providing an instant lift and texture to any hairstyle.

Barbershop Hours 

Floyd’s Barbershop generally welcomes clients from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, accommodating those with a busy schedule. On Sundays, the hours shift slightly, opening at 10 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m., providing a convenient option for weekend grooming needs.

However, hours can vary by location, so it’s important to check the specific hours for your local Floyd’s Barbershop. This ensures that you arrive during operating times, avoiding any disappointment.

To guarantee service upon your arrival, making a reservation is always a wise choice. It not only secures your spot but also ensures the barbershop will be ready to serve you at your convenience.

Company History

Brothers Bill, Rob, and Paul O’Brien envisioned a new kind of barbershop experience, one that merged quality with comfort and convenience. They wanted a space that bridged the gap between the traditional barbershop and upscale salons, offering expert cuts without the pretense.

The result was Floyd’s Barbershop, a place where the atmosphere is as important as the service. It’s designed to be a spot where clients enjoy hanging out and feeling at ease while receiving top-notch grooming services.

The brothers’ innovative concept has since expanded to over 125 locations nationwide, maintaining its commitment to an exceptional experience, convenience, and expert service without the attitude.

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