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Cost Cutters is a family hair salon that does exactly what its name implies. At this chain of salons, you will find great haircuts and other hair treatments at prices that are cut back greatly from those you would find at other mainstream salons.

With well over 800 locations across the country, you can easily find this basic but professional salon in your neighborhood.

Cost Cutter’s prices start at around $19 for an adult haircut and may vary by location.

Why Choose Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters is the smart and obvious choice if you are looking for an affordable, budget-friendly salon that is perfect for the haircare needs of your entire family. From young to old, all can find great haircuts and hair stylings provided by experienced and knowledgeable stylists here.

Because this is an affordable salon, you will notice that salons appear rather simple, giving the look of a clean, open environment.

However, the setting is calm and relaxed, and the environment is warm. You can try it out for yourself simply by walking into any salon and requesting an immediate appointment. No appointments are required.

You may be surprised to find out just how many services Cost Cutters offers. You can experience quality haircuts, deep conditioning treatments, full-color or highlighting services, and even specialty salon services to help you feel and look your best.

You can relax here, knowing that you are in the hands of experts and that your wallet will thank you when you are finished.

Cost Cutters prices

Services Offered

Adult haircuts are the most popular services chosen at Cost Cutters. These can be combined with a full array of shampoos and stylings or can be performed on their own.

Men can receive quick clipper cuts, and men and women can constantly look polished with beard or bang trims in between appointments. Children’s cuts come at even more affordable prices.

If you are looking for a different color, texture, or perm style for the new season, you have definitely come to the right place. Cost Cutters offers a full range of chemical services, including all-over color, toner, cap highlights, and full or partial foils.

Corrective color is also available to cover grays or to change colors dramatically. Of course, every appointment begins with a consultation so that your stylist knows exactly what you want.

Cost Cutters also provides other salon-only services, including facial waxing for the eyebrows and lips. Some salons also provide single, multiple, or all-month tanning sessions.

Cost Cutters Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


Adult Haircut$19
Kids Haircut (12 & under)$15


Shampoo & Condition (w/ haircut)$25 & up
Shampoo & Style Finish (w/ haircut)$32 & up
Shampoo & Style Finish$17 & up
Deep Conditioning$14 & up
Beard Trim$7 & up
Bang Trim$7 & up
Updo$45 & up


Perm prices include haircut.
Color$55 & up
Foil Highlights$75 & up
Cap Highlights$55 & up
Perm (short hair)$70 & up
Perm (medium hair)$80 & up
Perm (long hair)$90 & up
Spiral/Specialty Wrap$105 & up
Relaxers/Retouch$55 & up


Eyebrows, Lips, or Chin$11 & up
Facial$11 & up

Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday9:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 8:00pm
Friday9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday10:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Although Cost Cutters sells various salon-only hair care brands, they focus on their own line from the Regis Corporation, known as DesignLine. DesignLine products offer salon-quality results at a fraction of the price.

Whether you need volume, frizz control, basic cleansing, ultra moisturization, or color care, this brand has shampoo and conditioning products for your needs.

They also offer a full line of styling aids, including hairspray, heat protectant spray, texturizing creams, gels, and curl care products.

You can also shop for your favorite salon brands at Cost Cutters. Some favorites include Sexy Hair, Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Farouk, and Kenra.

Company History

Cost Cutter’s history began in the 1970s with Joe Francis, who began the Barbers Hairstyling for Men Salon. While his initial offerings were geared toward men, he quickly discovered the benefits of working with women’s hair as well.

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In the next five years after opening, he began offering services for both men and women, and he opened the first Cost Cutters.

Originally a family-owned brand, Cost Cutters quickly excelled in the Minnesota area where they first opened. In fact, 12 salons opened in the first year of operations.

Within a few years, the number of salons numbered in the hundreds. Cost Cutters boasts over 800 salons in the United States today, with many of them operating in the Midwest, where they were initially based.

Today, Cost Cutters is no longer family-owned but is a part of the Regis brand of salons, which also includes such well-known salons as Fiesta Salons and Hairmasters.

It remains based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With such a well-known name behind it, Cost Cutters is sure to continue succeeding in the upcoming decades as well.

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23 thoughts on “Cost Cutters Prices”

  1. I am looking for Cost Cutters Professional Styling Wax (Shine & Define Wax). Could you please tell me if you sell it or can point me in the direction of where to get anymore. It’s the only product that really works in my very short hair and I’m almost out. Have had this tub for over 5 years as I only use a very small amount. I can find no salon who sells it anymore. I bought it at a Regis Hair Salon in Walmart in Ephrata or Bonney Lake, WA.

  2. The Shampoo and Cut price listed is about $6 higher than what I paid before tip on 11/23/2019 at my local Cost Cutters—their price is $15.50 for that service, not $21.50.

  3. They do? I was told they didn’t at the shop on Westheimer in Houston. And charged me 15.00 for a blow dry. I feel like I got ripped off. 37.00 for a haircut????! So your allowing them to overcharge? What kind of place is that????

  4. I am so disappointed in my visit to your salon.
    I had a all over hair color, highlights and a trim. I do have long hair.
    I walked out of your salon paying $171.00. Yes you read that right….. $171.00
    I called back the salon to asking about their pricing, because NOTHING was posted about your prices. I was told they were taken down and new ones were not up yet.
    Don’t you think the hair dresser should have given her client the new prices? I do !!!!!
    I did not get a receipt for services rendered. Nor was I given a senior discount that your web site says. I am a senior citizen and was disappointed that it wasn’t offered to me. If there would have been some kind of price posting I could have made a decision on weather or not I could afford to have a service done. For 171.00 I would not have….I live on a budget and could not afford that.. so disappointed. I will never go to your salon again. you have lost a good customer , not to mention telling all my friends and neighbors, I had to put this on a credit card. because there was no way I had the cash

    • My girlfriend just got her hair highlighted and cut and it cost $190(!) that neither of us had to spend since we are about to move into a new apartment that was a third of our rent or deposit with neither of us able to get the money back. We might be homeless now because my girlfriend was too intimidated to say anything or to refuse she wasn’t told the price until after it was all done and there were no prices posted or explained to her prior to it all being done or during.

      • Wow that’s really crazy and I’m sorry that happened to y’all! I was thinking about going there today to get a haircut and maybe highlights but I’m so thankful I found these reviews. Because one place I called yesterday said it would be $25 for a haircut and starting around $70 for highlights and I just told her I was going to call around to some other places to see if I could get it done a little cheaper than that because I draw disability and I can’t afford that much money. I really want highlights but I’m thinking about just getting a cut because I had no idea highlights had went up that much!! That’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m glad I didn’t go in there and have it done and not know the price until afterwards, that’s just ridiculous and they should tell their customers or put it up on a sign so that people know what they are getting because that’s a lot of money! That’s a car payment, or a weeks worth of groceries or insurance payment or even a light bill!! That’s seriously messed up that they didn’t tell some of y’all and y’all had to pay that not knowing! That’s pathetic and sad and it’s very wrong!!

        • If you can’t afford to pay the price maybe you don’t need it done. We stylist work very hard to give the best service and spend a lot of money in education to be well versed in our line of work. If you want your hair done for cheap, don’t expect the outcome to be as great, you get what you pay for.

          Respectfully yours

    • I recently did an all over color with purple blended into the ends. My husband had gone to the one in Alliance Ohio to give me a gift card for Christmas and when he asked the lady how much it would cost she told him $120 would cover it. I took my gift card to the one in Canton Ohio and by the time she added everything up it was going to cost me $270. This was because they had to bleach it and my hair is long and thick. Now this is something he already told them however the price changed. Now the stylist in Canton before she ever did any work to my hair gave me a quote and I had to sign it. I must say I was displeased with my experience as well. Not so much because of what it ended up costing but because it took her over 8 hours to do my hair she could not even comb through it I eventually went out to the car and got my brush and brushed it myself the shampoo and conditioner they use in there is crap so it was like not having any conditioner in my hair at all and I have naturally curly thick long long hair. On top of that after sitting in there for 8 hours going home and seeing several missed spots in my hair , yes I was displeased but my stylist was amazing. My point is it would surprise me that from one Salon to the next that they did not give a quote before they touched your hair.

  5. I have been coming to Cost Cutters for the last couple of years for perms and have been very pleased…… until today. They told me my appointment was 9:15. The gal that greeted me told me that my appointment was @ 9:30……no big deal except I had to stand in the doorway and wait because there was no place to sit. Same gal permed my hair. I told her no haircut but she insisted and started pushing hair products. She barely snipped any hair off of my head because it is already short. But since it was included in the price of the perm , I said nothing. After perm was finished ( she did a great job) she tried to sell me 4-5 different products. I felt very intimidated and she charged me for a haircut and medium length perm. This is why I quit going to hair salons …..because they are too expensive! I will definitely get a price before I sit on the salon chair again. Even though I was a bit peeved I still tipped 20 percent. What an expensive experience!

  6. Please have your stores put pricing signs up. Also your stylist should tell you how much it’s going to cost. My salon in New Castle PA charges me almost $100 dollars to dye and style my hair. I don’t think I will be going there to much longer. It’s to bad because she does a wonderful job.

  7. I just got a perm last week. The Famous Hair site said the poems were $48.00. My perm ended up costing me $58.00! I asked about a color and I was told $58.00…I am really going to pester my daughter to color my hair, she was a stylist many years ago. What is going on with the big increases??

  8. I recently went to the Euclid Ave. Cost Cutters in Bristol, Va. to get highlights done and the prices went from $60 to $120…I thought Cost Cutters was suppose to be cheaper than other salons, but they are now at least $40 higher for color than any other salon I have been to. Most of the stylist that work for Cost Cutters are fresh from school which would be fine if the prices reflected that but they do not! My stylist is really good at what she does but she is losing customers because of the ridiculous prices. I will now be going to an salon that specializes in color with stylist that have years of experience and pay around $80. Cost Cutters you have priced yourselves out of business!

    • I noticed covid and the shortage of workers has made many hair places go crazy with their prices. Fortunately my cost cutters isn’t like yours but I would be looking for a new salon too if I was you.

  9. Jaden Cree, you shamefully disabled replies to your trollish comment, so I will say it down here: in order for people to decide whether they can afford something you have to be honest about what you are charging. You dont get to ambush them with an enormous bill and then say its their fault. You will lose customers, and you wont be right with God doing that either.

  10. I went and tried to go get my hair colored today at Canton center. No phones debit only you not only had a hairdresser lose money but you also lost a customer!!!


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