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Great Clips is a completely franchised business with over 4,200 salons that cater to individuals looking for no-frills haircuts and hair styling services.

This business has proven that success can be found in offering services that meet the needs of busy individuals who want basic salon services in a friendly environment.

Great Clips prices start at about $18 for a standard adult haircut, but the actual price may vary by location.

Why Choose Great Clips?

Great Clips has proven they are a force to be reckoned with in the hair care industry. Each of their salons across the United States is owned by a franchisee who operates under the Great Clips name.

Therefore, walking into one salon will be similar to walking into any of them. Each one has a calm, friendly, low-key atmosphere.

Customers love the friendly services offered to people of all ages here. Each salon is simple and accessible to people on any budget. Plus, Great Clips has shown that they can be innovative with technology as well.

In 2011, they began offering Online Check-in, allowing people to check wait times at nearby salons and add their names to a wait list before heading to the salon of their choice.

Additionally, Clip Notes, offered beginning in 2014, lets stylists add notes about customer preferences to a franchise-wide cloud base that can be accessed at any salon.

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Services Offered

Great Clips offers a variety of haircuts and styling services and serves everyone from children to senior citizens. Children and senior citizens can enjoy discounted haircut prices. Clients can simply walk in and request any service because no services require appointment times.

Their quick yet high-quality haircuts make Great Clips a popular place for men to get a haircut, even as hair salons catered specifically for men (such as Sport Clips) continue to gain in popularity.

Haircuts and trims are among the most popular services requested. Individuals can also get low-priced trims for their bangs, beards, or necks. Shampoo and styling can be added to any haircut or can be chosen alone for a blowout.

Great Clips is a great option, whether it’s a stylish pixie cut or simply taking a couple of inches off.

Conditioning treatments are great for overly-styled, frizzy, or very dry hair to make the hair smooth and soft again. Some salons also offer perms and wave treatments.

Stylists provide quick but personalized services based on customer requests and on the history found in the franchise’s Clip Notes database.

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Great Clips Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


Haircut (adult)$18
Haircut (child)$16
Haircut (senior)$16




Neck Trim$8
Bang Trim$8
Beard Trim$8
Conditioning Treatment$18

Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday9:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday10:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Each salon offers a variety of haircare products designed for all hair types and needs. From shampoo and conditioner to styling products and at-home deep conditioning treatments, Great Clips offers products to make one’s daily haircare experience super easy and to make styling simple for special events.

Great Clips provides many top salon-only products from such popular brands as Joico, Tigi, Redken, Matrix, American Crew, and Paul Mitchell.

However, they also offer three of their own brands, which can only be found at Great Clips Salons. Solutions by Great Clips provides basic hair care that fits most everyday needs.

Tea Tree Solutions uses natural products with pure oils and delightful fragrances for holistic hair care. Their GRIT brand is solely for men’s haircare and also includes extra products for body care.

Company History

Since it opened in 1982 and through its many expansions over the decades, this Minnesota-based company has shown that the average American values friendly service, easy operating hours, and basic hair care.

Originally, the salon opened as a college campus-friendly salon near the University of Minnesota. Quickly, two other salons opened up nearby in the next three months. The first franchised salon opened in 1983 in the Minneapolis metro area, but the salons quickly grew throughout the United States.

With over 4,000 salons across the U.S., the Great Clips model has shown that no-frills business works well for the average American. Other brands, such as Fantastic Sams and Hair Cuttery, have also used this same business model successfully.

Today, over 40,000 people are employed under the Great Clips name. The salons continue to grow, expand, and employ more people as Americans continue to value budget-friendly self-care.

In addition, Great Clips focuses on helping their neighbors through philanthropy. The Great Deeds program focuses on volunteer activities.

The business also offers Clips of Kindness with free clipper cuts for cancer patients. Their annual Charity Golf Classic and their yearly support of the Children’s Miracle Network are well-documented.

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48 thoughts on “Great Clips Prices”

    • This is ridiculous! I got a haircut and afterwards they charged me $25.00!! Before covid19 it was $15.00 in Monrovia,Ca. I asked the worker and they said “oh yeah, its been like that for a while now” I’ll never go again for a $25.00 haircut!

  1. not sure where you got the prices for a hair cut from but every one i checked starts at $22 they are only around what you quote when they have a special on.

    • Hi Dave. Great Clips salons are independently owned franchises so the owner has the ultimate say in what prices they want to charge. The prices above are common at many Great Clips locations. Depending on area, they can be higher so for the EXACT price at a location near you, you’d need to contact the salon directly.

  2. At our great clips in Oswego, Illlinois the age for a Childs haircut is thru age 10. After that they charge adult price. Since when is a child an adult at age 11? I will be going elsewhere from now on.

    • Unfortunately, standard Great Clips policy (may vary with some franchises) is that a “child” is considered to be 10 or younger. Many other hair salons use the “12 and under” rule but you also have to consider how their “child” price compares to the Great Clips “adult” price.

      No hair salon (as far as I know) offers Child haircuts up to 18 years of age (which is considered adulthood in the US).

  3. I have been going to Great Clips for years now and everytime I go there, i ask for a certain kind of haircut and it always surprises me that they always do it better then i asked for. Thank you Great Clips.

  4. Just tried to get a haircut at Sunset Fred Meyer Great Clips. Looked on the computer. It said zero waiting. Got there in 5 minutes. One guy was getting a haircut. Started to sit and wait, but someone came out of the back room and tried to find me in the computer. Finally found me but just then another guy came in from outside, and they took him instead of me! Figured he had registered on the computer, so I sat and waited for 15 minutes. After about 10, another guy came in. A chair finally opened up, but again they took the guy who had come in after me!! That was too much. I left. What the hell kind of system are your shops using?

    • That definitely sounds like some kind of mix up. Are you sure both the other customers didn’t use online checkin and were ahead of you in line? If not, it sounds like a poor training issue. My husband ALWAYS uses online check-in at Great Clips and it works great. But again, since each salon is an independently owned franchise, the service can vary from one to another.

    • Appointment is being made online to cut your hair in Great Clips, that’s why the people coming after you were offered the chair.

  5. Hi I was wondering if I told the person who is doing my hair to surprise me can you guess how much that would cost or somewhere around the price?

  6. I am looking to find out if you do perms and if so where and when and how much please let me know as soon as possible thank you

  7. We have THREE Great Clips in Napa CA, TWO have reopened, but the one I have ALWAYS gone to on California Blvd has said “Temporarily Closed” since the had to close due to COVID-19 since the start of pandemic. NOW it says “Temporarily closed” with “Special Hours” in red underneath.?????????????????

    • I know it’s frustrating. Usually the salon is at the mercy of what the county says but if 1 of 3 Great Clips locations is open, it may be a staffing issue or other problem specific to that salon. Calling the salon would be your best bet since salon hours according to Google are sometimes not entirely accurate during this time.

  8. 07/17/2020. Here in Vancouver Washington, plain ‘ol adult haircuts are $19.00. Wow. Pre-covid was easily under $15. AND they always had a $7.00 coupon running!! Shame on you for price gouging!!!

    • I’m a salon owner. Although my salon is not a Great Clips. I felt compelled to speak up because it seems you MUST be confused if u feel a $4 increase deserves a “shame on you?!”.. The CDC required additional sanitation on top of our normal regulations at ALL salons, meaning each client and the sanitation required before/after takes extra time and more work. And less clients in our chairs throughout the day greatly effects our income. No one is getting rich on an extra $ BARELY covers money lost on longer apt times, the INCREASED cost of our MANDATORY barbicide to keep our tools/stations clean and safe. The cost of masks that by the way we are now wearing for 8-10hrs a day. Or playing catch up on bills that keep coming whether we are forced to close or not. Those $7 coupons are intended to draw in new clients. NOT for EVERY TIME YOU GET A HAIRCUT. Salons LOOSE money when u use those. It costs us MORE TO PAY OUR STYLISTS than a salon makes with your $7haircut. So actually “SHAME ON YOU” KAT. If u only get a haircut when they have a coupon you aren’t an asset. You are an ungrateful expense.

      • I can’t imagine what it is like to get your hair cut by someone this angry. When I was growing up, Barbicide was the NORM for every hair salon. Hygiene should be the expected norm. Have to tell you, I have not seen any cleaning done to chairs, counters, etc between clients at all. None. When you’re sitting and waiting, you get a good view of what is going on between clients and what is going on is not much. I’m getting ready to get my hair cut and I’m taking a can of disinfectant with me. And the foot rest is NEVER cleaned, ever and that’s where people put all the germs they’ve been hiking around through stores, parking lots, etc. It’s disgusting.
        I do like Great Clips, but my stylist has left. 🙁 My beef is that they charge $25 to blow dry your hair. To me that seems to be a lot. It doesn’t take 5 minutes. No one feels good about their haircut when they have to leave with a wet head. #takeyourscrunchie

  9. Seems to be very location dependent. I just got a plain old haircut for $15 yesterday here in Boise (same as before COVID). Of course, I just got a Great Clips coupon in the mail today for a $9.99 haircut. Go figure.

  10. Every time we go to a Great Clips they always mess up, either they don’t make them short enough, they do the wrong style, or who knows what else. One time we went there and a guy made us uncomfortable because he kept playing with my daughter’s and kept saying how beautiful it was it’s not necessarily what he said, but it just didn’t feel right. The only reasons we keep coming back is location and they were the cheapest. Now that my husband died I have no transportation…

  11. At the Great Clips in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, the price for a Senior Haircut abruptly went from $12 to $15. I guess they want to punish their customers for the pandemic.

  12. Seriously I’m done with greedy(great) clips – the insane price rate increase is really it for me, and they’re cut their hours by so much that it’s hard for me to even get there for a haircut. I mean I’ve been to different great clips and I can say that service while mostly good can certainly leave something to be desired I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back for them to fix something or how many times they’ve rushed me out of the chair because they close in 15 minutes despite the fact that they used to close at 9:00 and now close at 6:00. People have work, we only get off at a certain time! Please just go anywhere except great clips they’re really trying to make us pay WAY MORE then haircuts used to cost just a year ago. Everyone has taken a hit pretty much, doesn’t mean that you should pass it on to the consumer cuz now I’m going to pass them on the way to sport clips.

  13. I was very surprised that the senior standard haircut jumped to $17.00 (increase of $3.00) at the Colorado Springs Great Clips on Union. I feel like my wallet got clipped as much as my hair. Katlyn is the best stylist – but I’ll have to check around.

  14. Yes I’m leaving a comment for Danny who works at great clips in Wilkes-Barre township he does a great job very friendly very compassionate all around good person I always ask for him he’s great. . I also want to know if there’s any special prices going on right now and how much is it to get my bangs cut and layered. God bless everyone stay safe, thank you.

  15. I’m sorry but I can’t believe some people are actually complaining about a haircut being $19. A haircut under $20 is practically unheard of in this day and age.

  16. Umm based on the number of people who were paying $15 in November 2020 (myself included) for a haircut they now want $20 for in February 2021.. 25% increase… yeah no.. so clearly it isn’t insane or unheard of.. however a 25% price increase in a solely SERVICE product is insane and unheard of!

  17. I live in Augusta, Ga. About 2 years ago the price was $12 then rose to 14 and now $16. They used to have an amazing military discount of $9 I took advantage of but that’s been cut too. So the price in hair cuts for me has nearly doubled. On top of that I asked a few workers if they were getting paid any more than before, and no. They’re making the same $8-$10. I can’t imagine why the owners would jack up the price other than just greed.

    • Probably rent and utilities and product increase. Owners can’t keep prices the same forever unfortunately no matter how difficult life is. With Covid restrictions in place it makes it harder for owners to make enough to stay open.

  18. Used to be a special senior day before covid. Was either Tuesday or Wednesday. Is this still in effect? If so which one, thanks.

  19. I went to great clips and I was very happy with the cut and the friendly service. Every one wants to complain but we’re not thinking these girls and guys puts they’re time in and they also need respect and consideration. Companies such as great clips needs to make money like we do and prices as we all know doesn’t stay the same get over it instead of complaining enjoy the service or go elsewhere. Thanks great clips I’m a proud customer and a happy one at that. I want a professional I don’t complain I go to great clips.

  20. So, I’ve just had my haircut at Clermont Fl location. I was charged $83.35. I did buy a product for 19.95 but I paid $17 for a haircut and $45 for a “long style”. The stylist did consult with me about what I wanted (which is my usual cut nothing different)
    So thank you great clips I won’t be using you again. If I’m paying that sort of money I will in future go to a proper hair stylist

  21. Poor service poor company prices are gauged depending on who takes care of you and the person that did my hair last time acted like it was an inconvenience for me to be there. I will not be going to this particular location in Grove City, OH. Past when I’ve had a wash, blow dry and straighten it was $25.00 or less this last time doubled the price the service was poor and apparently they don’t want your business for the fact the people are rude!

  22. As a older person that doesn’t know how to make a appointment online and calls to make a appointment and turned down because they only accept online appointments is very unacceptable a best in my opinion. So now I’m forced to walk in and wait while the online appointments walk in in front of me with hopes that eventually there’s a opening.

  23. I was a frequent customer at a nearby Great Clips before the pandemic. This week was the first time that I had been in since spring of 2020. (early in the pandemic.) I had checked in on line and walked in to find my name on the computer with no waiting . Two employees were there with no customers. Their haircut prices were still quite reasonable , but I was only wanting a shampoo and simple style. The employee who was helping me (young and in training) asked the other employee (seemed to be the manager) what the charge would be. She pointed to the pricing board which indicated shampoos were 10.00 and styles were 50.00….yes 50.00.??? I explained that i only wanted a blow-dry and some simple styling. Nothing elaborate. I was told that it was still a style and the price was the same. The fact that I had short hair did not make a difference. I know that the prices were set by the owners and she was not responsible. I did leave …Quite confused . This is in central one is going to pay this unless it is for a prom or wedding. If I did pay this much for styling, it would not be for a inexperienced employee at Great Clips.

  24. Saturday I went to great clips for a shampoo and style. Nothing fancy. Short hair. The stylist couldn’t figure out how to get the chair close enough to the sink. The manager helped her. She slowly parted off small segments of my hair and clipped them before drying my hair. I told her I needed a lot of mousse because my hair is fine. She had to search the shop for mousse. It took two hours start to finish. My hair is short, nothing complicated. She charged me $56. This is a small town near Dallas, Texas. She did not offer a senior discount. I am 85.

  25. I have been using Great clips for years. Today I went to the one in Washington Court House. I had made a appointment on line and when I arrived the only person working was the manager. She was running on a very short fuse. They can not keep or get help that is dependable. She ask me if she could take the gentleman ahead of me . She said he would be a five minute job and mine would be an hour. I wanted it washed and blown dry . It usually cost me $7.00 plus tip.
    Today it turned into a wash and style. I didn’t ask for her to style it as my hair is curly and it does it’s own thing . I just didn’t want to leave with a wet head. She went to the register to find out how much it was going to cost. I told her they had been charging me 6/7 for the last 3?years. She proceeded to get angry and tell me they didn’t know what they were doing and they had been charging me the wrong price for all those years. I told her to take her cape off me and I walked out. She kept talking and telling me she was a manager and she knew what she was doing they didn’t. She was really having a bad day and taking it out on customers. No wonder she can’t get help and keep help if she treats her help like she treats her customers.

  26. I brought my grandson who is 13 years old for a haircut and after the cut I was told he would be charged the amount as an adult? When I asked why, their response was he was considered an adult My grandson is 4 ft tall and weighs 65lbs and is a 7 grader. Explain how he is an adult??

    • “Child” age is under the discretion of the franchise owner. For Great Clips, this is typically “10 and under”. Other salon brands usually go to 11 or 12 years old but I’m not sure a 13-year old would be considered a child elsewhere (I could be wrong). It should be stated on the price board when you walk in.

  27. I took my daughter in law to have a shampoo & blow dry as she had surgery for breast cancer on 7/19/22. The stylist was very nice and cordial. She did an excellent job. She told her there would be no charge as she was doing it under the “Helping Hands” coupon. We did give leave her a generous tip and will definitely be back. This was at the Huntersville, NC, Northcross Shopping Center, Sam Furr Road.
    I am a customer of Great Clips in Charlotte, NC but will begin using this location in the future


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