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Supercuts is one of the top names in low-cost hair cuts and hair styling across the country and offers amazing quality for its budget-friendly services.

It offers consistent care at the more than 2,600 franchises across the country, along with several franchises now open in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Supercut prices start at around $28 for a standard adult “Supercut,” but the price may vary by location.

Why Choose Supercuts?

The first thing one notices at a local Supercuts salon is that it is similar to all other Supercuts locations. Each franchise provides consistent services, dependable prices, and a welcoming atmosphere.

No matter where one goes across the country, the Supercuts experience will be the same.

The most common hair care services are offered at each location. These include haircuts for men, women, and children, hair styling, coloring, and other chemical services, and much more. Each of these services can be enjoyed without requiring any prior appointment.

In addition, each hair stylist has plenty of education and experience. Stylists can help customers choose the right cut and color for their skin tone and face shape and can even copy styles from pictures. Most people are surprised at just how much Supercuts has to offer.

Supercuts prices

Services Offered

Men’s, women’s, and children’s haircuts are the most popular services at Supercuts. Haircuts are called Supercuts because of how incredible they truly are.

The specialty Hot Towel Refresher uses hot, wet towels to clean away itchy hairs from the back of the neck and other areas of the skin so that customers are ready to return to their days looking perfectly polished.

With Supercolor, clients enjoy an array of chemical services, including everything from root touchups to dramatic color changes. Coloring services begin with consultations so that stylists know exactly what clients want. They can perform all-over colors, highlights, lowlights, gray blending, and more.

Supercuts also focuses on ancillary beauty services that may not be available at every location. The Tea Tree Experience uses a tea tree-blended shampoo, conditioner, and a steamed towel for the face.

Other extra services commonly offered include eyebrow, lip, chin waxing, beard, mustache, and bangs trims.

Supercuts Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


All haircut services include a Hot Towel Refresher.
Supercut II
Includes shampoo and basic conditioner
Supercut III
Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, and blow dry
$40 & up
Supercut Jr. (10 and under)$21
Supercut Sr. (65 and over)$21


Tips$35 & up
Highlights$35 & up
Glazing$45 & up
Root Retouch$45
Gray Blending$20


Conditioning Treatment$19 & up
Blow Dry$19 & up
Styling$40 & up
Tea Tree Experience$15
Beard/Bang Trim$10
Waxing (eyebrows)$10
Waxing (lip/chin)$10

Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday10:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Supercuts offers its product line put out by Regis, their corporate owners. These include the Designline products and Designline for Men. This extensive line offers shampoo and conditioners, leave-in products, and a variety of styling products, including texturizing paste, curl cream, and flat iron spray.

Certain products are specifically designed for color-treated hair or gray, silver, or white hair.

In addition, Supercuts carries a variety of products from the top salon brands across the country. Many of these products can be picked up at any Supercuts location. They include such popular brands as Redken, Sexy Hair, and TIGI. It’s a 10, Nioxin, Biolage, and Joico.

Supercuts focuses on products designed for specific hair concerns. Whether one has frizzy hair, thinning locks, or a dry, itchy, or greasy scalp, there is a product that will fit the bill.

Company History

Supercuts Salons began in 1975, with the first location built in California. However, the business now has its corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is in the family of the Regis Corporation, which today is known as the largest salon corporation in the world, consisting of many other brands, including Cost Cutters and Holiday Hair.

With over 2,600 locations today, Supercuts can easily be found across the United States. With that many locations, it’s naturally a direct competitor to Great Clips, which is also found in pretty much every city.

It should be noted that Supercuts is also a proud partner with Major League Baseball and is MLB’s official hair salon.

Supercuts have certainly grown quickly in the past several decades. This is partly due to its smart business model and franchising opportunities for individuals worldwide who want to open salons.

In addition, it can keep a wide customer base because of its budget-friendly prices, experienced staff, and trustworthy cuts and styling services.

Customers who have had a great experience at one location can be sure they will have similar experiences at any other location they visit.

Plus, because of their friendly and comfortable services at many locations, Supercuts has recently become known as a one-stop salon for all one’s most common beauty needs.

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20 thoughts on “Supercuts Prices”

  1. Sent my disabled mom to color her hair since she’s done with radiation and it’s finally coming back in. To color and trim they charged her $86.00 and didn’t even style it! Wow it’s cheaper at the local Solon, not going there again, so disappointed!

    • Unfortunately, each Supercuts location can set their own price. Those in larger cities or higher cost of living areas will be charged a higher price. That said, $49 is one of the highest I’ve seen for those services.

  2. Expensive? Those prices are alot cheaper than independent salons. Alot cheaper. Most salons my girlfriends go to charge about $200 for cut and color.

  3. I authorized a $21 charge on my debit card at Supercuts in San Mateo CA – Woodlakes which included a $5 tip but it looks like they charged me $25.20. Hopefully just a misunderstanding but I’m not really happy about getting overcharged.

    • Got a $3.95 sanitation surcharge! That was 23% above the cost of cut. No sign, not informed beforehand. Salons should be sanitizing regardless of Covid. Will not be back! Also no hot towel treatment which says comes with.

  4. I’m a senior. Went for a hair cut and was advised shampoo was required which was ok with me. They had quoted me 22.50 over the phone for hair cut and shampoo. When the hairdresser finished cutting my hair, she said, “I will blow dry your hair a bit so you don’t catch cold”, she styled it but did not tell me she was charging an additional $25.00 for blow drying it. She proceeded in selling me some shampoo for gray hair and another for thinning hair which were 20% off. The bill came out to over $76 including a conditioner also 20% off. I responded it was too much and what were the prices of the shampoos etc. After she broke it down I found out she was charging me $25 extra for blower. I said I wasn’t paying that because they should have a bundled price for cut, shampoo and blow dry and anyway their price sign was off and she should have advised me that she was going to charge me. She wanted me to buy the shampoos so did not charge me for blow dry but I didn’t buy the conditioner. The bill came out to over $55. including tip which I calculated @ 20% of the $22.50 because I did like the cut. If the different supercut locations establish their own prices and procedures they need to be careful because they will be loosing customers. I’m not sure I want to have this type of experience again. Fortunately I know how to defend myself but wonder about the older seniors who don’t know any better & if they can even afford to pay these unfair prices. What are your prices for if they are not being respected?

  5. Went to Super Cuts because I live alone on a limited income. They charged me 170 dollars for highlights and a cut. Way more expensive than the salon I used to go to. Can’t understand how this is considered budget friendly as they advertised. SUPER DISAPPOINTEDD~!!

  6. I have shoulder length hair, I went to Supercuts for the first time 8 weeks ago. I was happy with the cut and color. Went back for the second time this morning, (same girl). No cut, I told her I wanted her to do the exact same thing as before. It looks totally different. She didn’t dry my hair, so I couldn’t really tell what it would look like. I got home, looked in the mirror, the back of my hair looked like I had a bald spot, but it was a circular blonde dye spot, where most of my hair is brown. I spent 120.00 plus tip which was so much more than last time, and I didn’t even get a haircut. I am going back tomorrow and ask for my money back! Last time going to go to Supercuts.

  7. Thought about using your services but definitely won’t! Adding “blow-drying, etc and not giving the customer a choice + not telling them that there is a charge for it is out right plain lying and cheating your customers!

  8. They never listen to what you tell them! I show pictures and it’s too complicated for the people working there. I’m done with this place. I went there because of convenience (like McDonald’s) rather than anything else. The tip mooching is B.S! I’m paying $22 for a cut that I have to finish myself then you want a tip? Get lost!

  9. They’re still charging a $3.95 sanitation fee which includes spraying the chair & sweeping up the previous customers hair off the floor. Shouldn’t this be standard procedure? There’s not a clean apron put over the customer. You get a used, wrinkled one from a pile. The scissors aren’t in any germ killing liquid. They’re lying on the counter, not even wiped down from other customers.
    The $3.95 is bogus rip off in tiny print on a tiny card on the side wall of the register. You don’t even know it’s there. They sure don’t mention it when you check out. I appears on your receipt- if they give you one.

  10. I was all set to go there to get highlights or some color as I have been to Supercuts for years in the past, but I have decided against going there. I am appalled that they would charge someone $25 for a blowdry when they don’t even tell you about it. Sorry not acceptable in my book. Also, charging a sanitation fee when that’s what you’re supposed to be doing all along…insane. Y’all just lost another one. Maybe you need to rethink your procedures since they are not customer friendly.


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