Should I Get a Pixie Cut? (7 Things You Need to Know)

what is a pixie haircut

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Although your hair is a huge part of what gives you your identity, it is also one of the easiest parts about you to change. One hour in your stylist’s chair can give you a new color, bold highlights, a fresh cut and a sassy style.

However, if you have been tied to one particular type of cut and style for years, it can seem difficult if not downright impossible to make a change. Cutting off a huge length of hair can be the hardest challenge of all but slightly easier if you constantly struggle keeping hair straight overnight.

Short haircuts for women are quite popular these days with many stars sporting them in films or on red carpets. Even though you might think other women look amazing when sporting these cuts, you may think that short hairdos are definitely not for you.

Instead of telling yourself that you cannot pull off a short hairdo, find out more about one of the most popular options, the pixie cut, and consider the changes this cut could bring to your life. Then you’ll be able to answer the popular question, “should I get a pixie cut?”.

What Is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is one of the shortest hairstyles you can get as a woman. This often boyish-looking cut is very short in the back and usually cut into layers along the tops and sides. Although the pixie cut has a variety of iterations, it often has shaggier bangs and shows off most of your ears.

Pixie cuts first came on the scene in the 1950s in America thanks to Audrey Hepburn. Since then, they have gone in and out of vogue through the decades but today are seen as a very daring style and a great option if you want to change your image completely.

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Is Getting a Pixie Cut Right for You?

should I get a pixie cut?

Although pixie cuts are exciting game-changers for some women, you may be wondering if choosing this style could be right for you. After all, it can be difficult to imagine how you would look with a completely different hairstyle.

Before you head to your local Hair Cuttery or BoRics Salon, consider how these seven pixie cut facts could change your life.

1. Pixie cuts come in different lengths.

Before you start thinking that there is only one option when it comes to your pixie cut, check out some pictures in a magazine or online to see the many different pixie styles favored today.

You can go longer or shorter, have minimal bangs or very floppy bangs and have your hair layered evenly throughout or styled with longer layers on top.

Consider starting with a longer length if you are a little nervous to chop off all your hair.

2. You will need to get used to styling your hair every morning.

Unlike long hair, which can always be whipped back into a ponytail or a bun, a pixie require some styling every morning.

Without styling, your hair will appear flat and lifeless, and you may even find that you wake up with crooked pieces and a misplaced part. Consider asking for a pixie cut that is easy to style if you do not have much extra time in the mornings.

A good hairstylist will explain the extra maintenance needed. One that does not is a sign of a bad one.

3. Washing and drying your hair will be quicker than ever.

On the plus side, if you are coming from medium-length or long hair, you will find that the time it takes you to shampoo, condition and dry your hair shortens significantly.

In fact, your hair should air-dry in no time at all. If you want to use a hair dryer to add a bit of volume to your hair, you will not be able to wait long after your shower to begin styling.

4. Your part can change everything.

Just because you get one particular pixie cut and your stylist creates one look while you are in the salon chair does not mean that you are tied to that look forever.

The way you blow dry your hair, the styling products you use and even the side on which you place your part can change your entire look.

You can also ask about other types of pixie cuts, such as the fluffy pixie cut with shaggy layers or the undercut pixie with longer layers that hang over a very short back section.

5. Be prepared for your face to take center stage.

Very short hair lets you show off your facial features more. You may find that you feel more comfortable with a bit more makeup than you wore previously or that face-framing layers in your bangs show off your best features.

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6. Regular haircuts will become a part of your life.

When you have long hair, you can wait months between haircut appointments because uneven layers are hard to see. However, a pixie cut grows out rapidly, and you will probably need to come in for a trim at least once per month if you want to keep up with your new length and shape.

On the other hand, if you want to grow out your hair again, it could take some time because most people’s hair grows approximately half an inch per month.

7. A pixie cut should complement your facial shape.

While the majority of facial shapes can pull off short hair, oval, round and heart-shaped faces look the best with a pixie cut.

Finding the Right Stylist for Your Pixie Cut

The best person to ask about whether a pixie cut is right for you and which type of pixie would look best with your facial shape is your stylist.

The longer your stylist has known you, the better advice he or she will be able to give you. Your stylist can help you discover your best look based on your hair texture, hair goals and daily lifestyle.

Once you find a stylist you love at your favorite salon, be sure to stick with that person long term to enjoy a great professional relationship along with amazing cuts and styles.

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