9-Various Types of Curtain Bangs

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So, you want to get bangs but don’t want the traditional straight bangs that lay across your forehead because you prefer the parted side-swept look. Regardless of where you part your hair and what type of haircut you have, curtain bangs are a great way to accessorize your hair. But what are the different types of curtain bangs that you can choose from?

Various types of curtain bangs can suit various face shapes and complexions. Depending on the preferred style, a hairdresser can give a client long or short curtain bangs, wispy or curly, layered bangs, curtain bangs that suit a side part, and more.

These aren’t the only styles of curtain bangs, so continue reading to learn more about every type of curtain bang available to choose from and which one is the best for you!

1. Long Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, long curtain bangs are the perfect style for you. These curtain bangs are much longer than typical curtain bangs, as they begin to taper from the ends of your hair and gradually towards the roots, with the shortest sections of hair being nearest to the middle of your face, hitting your face around your nose or eyes.

This style blends the bangs into your hair so that it isn’t quite as noticeable as other styles but still frames your face. This style suits all hair types and colors and is particularly flattering for those with thin and light-colored hair.

2. Wispy Curtain Bangs

This look is a bit more dramatic than long curtain bangs but still subtle enough that it won’t be as bold as traditional curtain bangs. The stylist creates wispy curtain bangs by taking a thin layer of hair at the top of your head closest to your face and cutting several smaller layers into this thin layer to frame your face.

The shortest sections of these bangs nearest to the center of your face appear, almost like baby hairs, and the sections gradually get longer closer to the ears. This style adds texture to the front of the face, softening your features while elongating your face. This style looks great on all hair types and colors but is especially flattering on thick, dark hair.

3. Curly or Wavy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are not just reserved for those with straight hair. They can add a pop of texture and dimension to those with naturally curly or wavy hair, too, or you can style your straight-curtail bang haircut by curling your bangs along with the rest of your head and coming through it.

Curtain bangs are especially bold for those with tightly coiled hair and are sure to make a statement, which makes curtain bangs one of the most versatile hairstyles out there!

4. Straight Hair Curtain Bangs

You’ve probably seen curtain bangs most pulled off by those with naturally straight hair, but anyone of any hair type can get this look with the help of a hair straightener and a few pumps of hair oil if they decide for a day they don’t want to rock their natural curls.

Even if you have straight hair that generally sits flat on your head, the curtain bangs will add volume and texture to your hair, whether you wear it down or tied up.

Depending on the way they are cut, these bangs cut into straight hair provide a delicate and innocent frame to the face or add a bold look to otherwise lifeless hair.

5. Curtain Bangs with Layered Hair

Curtain bangs, with the texture they add to any hairstyle, are perfect for already layered hair. Whether your hair is already short and layered or long with layers, curtain bangs add that finishing touch.

You can expect tons of volume and dimension from short and layered hair with curtain bangs and tons of texture from long and layered hair with curtain bangs. Many people with short hair like to go dramatic with their layers and curtain bangs, giving that trendy mullet hairstyle a bit of a twist.

6. Fringe Curtain Bangs

Fringe curtain bangs are very 70’s Esque and are probably the spitting image you see in your head when you think of curtain bangs. Fringe curtain bangs are a bit more dramatic than long or wispy curtain bangs, but still have wispy characteristics, as they are cut in layers at the ends to create a wispy-like look.

After the hairdresser parts your hair in the middle and cuts your bangs at two opposite angles, they will cut these bangs with the scissors straight up or parallel to the hair to create several small strands among longer strands.

This adds texture to the air while creating the illusion of a swoop on both sides, so the bangs get gradually longer the further away they are from the center of your face.

7. Curtain Bangs with Side Part

Parting your hair in the middle isn’t the only way to style your curtain bangs, and many curtain bangs are actually cut with a side part in mind.

This is the typical side swoop hair of the early 2000s you may think of, except with shorter sections of hair framing the face across the forehead that gradually get longer as they meet up with the longer sections of hair.

This hairstyle is best for longer hair but is also suitable for shorter hair. You can part your hair just above the arch of your eyebrow or closer to the middle, and your curtain bangs will provide the perfect frame for your face and help accentuate your favorite features while masking your hairline.

8. Curtain Bangs with Rounded Ends

These curtain bangs are cut in such a way as to accommodate styling by rounding the ends. The ends point either inward toward the face for shorter bangs or out at the ends towards the ears for longer bangs. It adds extra volume to your hair and creates an innocent yet sultry look, which you can achieve with any type of curtain bangs.

For curtain bangs cut of this particular style, however, they are cut with inverted layers, with the longest layers at the front of the face reaching just below the brow line.

They are cut this way to help assist in training them to curl inwards towards your forehead or a bit outwards and away from your face at the ends. This is done by curling your bangs each day in the preferred direction.

Once they’ve been curled enough times, the hair becomes trained to naturally curl the way you curl it each day without much help. Many people will use a set of curlers or a curling wand to achieve this, and it’s especially useful for those who have straight hair.

9. 70’s Curtain Bangs

Want to reminisce about the old days? Here is your chance! The 70’s curtain bangs haircut is back and more popular than ever. With a part down the middle and the curtain bangs swept across the face on the side, your hair will never look better.

This 70’s style cut is back in action and would be the best haircut for your next trip to the salon!

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