How Long Does it Take for Bangs to Grow Out?

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There are so many different hairstyles that you can choose from, however, while the popularity of bangs has declined over recent years, it still is a hairstyle sported by a lot of people. So, if you are wanting to grow out your own bangs, how long is it going to take for them to get to the length that you want?

Bangs take on average three to four months in order to fully grow. There are several factors that can induce faster growth of hair, including genetics, sex, age, hair type and texture, the hair care routine, and finally the length that is wanted for the bangs.

So, now that you know the general time frame that you can expect for your bangs to reach full length, so you can just start growing them outright? Well, first you will want to read the rest of this article as I will go over the stages of growth during those three to four months and also some of the factors that can help you speed up growth to reach your new hairstyle faster.

Time Frame To Growing Out Your Bangs

So, you decided that you want to have bangs and are starting the growing out process, this is fairly easy and for the first month, you aren’t going to have to worry about it looking crazy or chaotic. However, it is after this first month that it starts to look crazy. For the 4 weeks in month 2, you are going to have to deal with the hair being crazy as it isn’t long enough to just lay flat, and is going to be very frustrating. But once you get into month 3 it will be getting back onto smooth sailing with your hair finally laying down and it should be a good length, however, if you are wanting longer bangs you will have to let them continue growing.

How can I make my bangs grow faster?


There are a variety of different genetic factors that can affect the rate of hair growth. The first of those is determined by your sex, as male hair grows faster than female hair, and doesn’t break as often, which will slow hair growth. Age is also a factor as hair grows faster in people between the ages of 15 to 30. Lastly, genetics themselves will also determine how fast your hair grows. However, you are going to be unable to use any of these factors to speed up your hair growth.

Hair Texture & Type

There are so many different hair types and textures, and surprisingly these factors are going to affect how fast your bangs grow out. Unfortunately for people who have super curly hair, it will seem to take longer for your bangs to grow as they are going to appear shorter. You can straighten your hair to help make it seem longer though. When growing out bangs you also are going to want your hair to have a lot of volumes as thinner hair can look very spotty when starting to grow. So using hair products that will help increase volume will help make your bangs grow better and quicker.

Bang Length

This should be a fairly obvious factor in growth, but the shorter your hair is when you are starting to grow out your bangs the longer you are going to have to wait for them to reach the length you want. Another factor in this is how long you want your bangs to become. The longer you want them the longer you are going to have to wait. Typically your hair will grow about half an inch each month, meaning you will only grow about 6 inches each year, so the average bang length is about 2-2.5 inches, meaning 4 to 5 months if you are starting from no length at all.

Hair Care Routine

As mentioned briefly earlier, your daily haircare routine can either help or hinder the rate at which your hair grows. When it comes to using shampoo and conditioner in your hair you only need to use it about twice a week as using it too often can lead to breakage in your hair. You also are going to want to avoid heat styling your hair as this also causes breakage. When it comes to hairstyles you will want to avoid tight styles that require sharp clips or bobby pins. Lastly, you do not want to get your hair colored when growing out your hair as this will greatly slow down hair growth. The coloring agent will cause breakage and make your hair much more brittle and which slows down growth.


One of the biggest factors in determining how quickly your hair is going to grow is your nutrition. If you want a diet that will help hair growth then you are going to want to eat a lot of protein and healthy fats, especially omega-3s. These foods include eggs, turkey, fish, and nuts, with fatty fish and avocado being some of the best foods for omega-3s. You can also always get vitamins and supplements to help you get the needed nutrients, and if you go this route look for supplements that have biotin, keratin, and collagen. You will want to talk with a doctor before going onto a supplement in order to be extra safe, even if the supplement seems healthy.

How to maintain healthy Bangs

  • Wash your bangs slightly more often. Your bangs will get greasier faster so it is recommended that you wash your bangs with shampoo 3 to 4 times a week
  • Blow dry it. when you are drying your bangs you are going to want to blow dry them straight down so that it dries in the proper direction
  • Use dry shampoo. This will be helpful to make sure that your bangs are staying clean, as you can use the dry shampoo, and this will also help give the hair some extra volume.
  • Get some rollers. This will give your bangs a nice bit of curl and if done after blow drying they will give you bangs a rounded, bouncy finish.

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