11 Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

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Whether you’re looking for a natural hair color or a bold, vibrant color, there are several different hair colors that can either make your blue eyes pop or neutralize your blue eyes for a more cohesive color combo. Just keep your skin tone in mind, and you’ll find the hair color that will best complement your skin tone and blue eyes in no time!

Keep reading to find all the best hair colors that will look beautiful with your bold blue eyes so that you can pick out the color for your next hair appointment.

11. Bronze

The warm hues and undertones of bronze hair are sure to make the cool tones in your blue eyes pop. You can find bronze colors with more brownish hues, orange hues, or red hues in them, depending on your preferences.

All of these warm colors are going to complement your blue eyes well while making your eyes the focus. This is also a beautiful hair color if you have a warm skin tone, as it will bring out the warmth in your skin to further contrast with the cool blue of your eyes.

10. Deep Brown

Deep brown is a perfect hair shade if you want to bring out your blue eyes without exaggerating them too much. It’s more natural looking and, depending on the undertones of the deep brown, can have an almost equal balance between neutralizing the blue in your eyes and making them stand out. This deep shade of brown is also almost guaranteed to go exceptionally well with any skin tone.

9. Blonde

Blonde hair is most often paired with blue eyes because it’s most common for those with blue eyes to also have blonde or light-colored hair. While there are some people born with dark hair and blue eyes, it’s rare.

The color combination of the yellow undertones in the blonde hair paired with blue eyes creates a lively and classic look that you can’t go wrong with. Blonde also comes in many different shades and undertones, so you’re sure to find one that you like, and that suits your skin tone.

If you’re already a blonde but are looking for a change in hair color that isn’t quite as drastic, we recommend leaving your hair a different shade or tone of blonde.

From strawberry blonde to chestnut blonde to bleach blonde to buttercream blonde, there is a wide variety of blonde colors to choose from that will suit your blue eyes well. Blonde will also neutralize your blue eyes if you’re looking for something that will lessen their boldness.

8. Red

Did you know that red hair and blue eyes are the rarest hair and eye color combinations that people are naturally born with? This may be unsurprising if you know that blue eyes are one of the rarest eye colors, and red hair is one of the rarest hair colors.

But what may surprise you is that only 0.17% of the world’s population is born with blue eyes and red hair! Coloring your hair red is sure to draw attention because the color combination is so unique. The warmth of the red hair, which ranges from a deep crimson or vibrant red to a more natural orange-red, will contrast beautifully with blue eyes while also providing a striking look.

7. Blue Black

This dark color, with its blueish hues, is going to bring out the blue in your eyes extremely well, especially if your complexion has blue or cool undertones. This blue-black color may appear from afar that you have black hair, but when one looks closely, observers will see a beautiful frost of deep blues in this color.

This unique hair color is sure to get compliments whenever people get a closer look, but it’s not going to be so bold that it turns heads whenever you walk into a public space. Your eyes, however, will be striking to anyone you talk to when paired with this hair color.

6. Platinum White

platinum white hair

Platinum white is one of the boldest neutral colors you can go for. Not many people go for white when they color their hair, and those experiencing signs of aging are likely going to steer clear of white for fear of showing their age too much, so it’s going to be one of the most unique hair colors on this list.

Platinum white hair looks best on cool-toned skin, and the white will make your eyes look bluer than ever. If you decide to go platinum white, prepare yourself for several hours of bleaching and toning treatments at the salon, especially if you have naturally dark hair.

5. Pastel Green

Green and blue are the colors of earth, so combining pastel green (or often called “mint“) hair with your blue eyes is going to be one of the boldest yet fitting color combinations. Green is generally a very uncommon hair color choice, but pastel green suits any skin tone and hair type and adds a touch of boldness.

4. Silver

Silver hair has made a resurgence in hair trends recently, and nothing pairs better with cool-toned blue eyes than the cool-toned silver hair color. This hair color, paired with your blue eyes, especially if you have cool undertones in your skin, is going to give that cool ice look all around.

This hair color also pairs extremely well with porcelain complexions but also complexions on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, such as deep chocolate with blue undertones. Regardless of your skin tone, this silver hair and blue eyes color combo can be pulled off well with striking boldness.

3. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink has always been paired with pastel blue. There’s a reason people love combining the beautiful warm tones of pastel pink with the cool tones of pastel blue. The colors complement each other so well. Coloring your hair pastel pink to pair with your blue eyes is no exception. You’re sure to make a statement, and who doesn’t love pink hair?

2. Caramel Brown

This hair color will bring out the light blues in your eyes while also making those vibrant blues stand out. Many blue-eyed people have this caramel brown hair color naturally, but you can create some extra dimension by adding some strands of burnt orange and blonde into your hair, which will pair nicely with caramel brown.

This color goes great with any skin tone, but it’s sure to make your eyes pop if you have a skin tone with a warm undertone.

1. Icy Blue

Icy Blue Hair

Icy blue hair is going to bring out the silver hues of your blue eyes, and it’s unique enough to turn heads. It’s also very versatile, as you can go for an ombre effect of blue to silver or silver to blue or opt for light blue hair with silver highlights.

You could even go the classic route by finding the perfect mix of blue and silver and coloring your entire head of hair this color. We recommend this color for hair types that hold in a lot of moisture and skin tones with blue or olive undertones.

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