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When you have a vision of your next hairstyle, all that’s left is to find a salon that will deliver the results you expect.

You want a salon like Bubbles Salon, which has repeatedly proven that it understands clients’ needs and vision.

For decades, Bubbles has offered quality hair styling services to clients in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington. In addition to quality, they offer reasonably priced services and discounts for children under ten and military veterans.

Why Choose Bubbles Salon?

Getting your hair done artistically begins with choosing the right hair care partner. You want a specialist who understands your hair needs and works to deliver your request while protecting your hair.

Bubbles Salon meets these criteria thanks to its choice of high-quality hair care products that protect your hair and scalp.

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The salon protects you from infections and contamination by disinfecting tools and surfaces with Barbicide. They also clean and disinfect capes and towels after a single use.

In addition to its health and safety efforts, Bubbles Salons sets itself apart with its commitment to working with expert hair stylists. The salon ensures that only experts handle your hair.

Bubbles Salon Price List

Below are all the lists of salon prices you need to know. 

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


Shampoo, Cut, & Blow Dry Style$48.00 & Up
Shampoo, Cut, & Deluxe Style$66.00 & Up
Shampoo, Cut, & Style for Highly Textured Hair$86.00 & Up
Children’s Shampoo & Cut (Under 10 Years)$25.00 & Up
Children’s Shampoo, Cut, & Blowdry (Under 10 Years)$32.00 & Up


Shampoo & Blow Dry Style$35.00 & Up
Shampoo & Deluxe Style (Strong wave & Curl)$51.00 & Up
Shampoo & Style for Highly Textured hair$72.00 & Up
Special Occasion DesignBy Consultation
Hair ExtensionsBy Consultation

Texture & Curl

Relaxer$134 & Up
Perm$136 & Up
Designer Perm$168 & Up
KeratinBy consultation


Prescriptive Treatment$21 & Up
Olaplex Express Bond Builder Treatment$22 & Up
Olaplex 4-in-1 Moisture Treatment$22 & Up
Olaplex Supplement Treatment$28 & Up
Olaplex Stand-Alone Treatment$36 & Up
Cibu® Treatments$22 & Up


Single Color$66 & Up
Dimensional Color$143 & Up
Partial Highlights$108 & Up
Full Highlights$140 & Up
Glazing$38 & Up
Balayage$162 & Up
Specialty Highlights$184 & Up
Color CorrectionBy Consultation


The Classic (Shampoo, Treatment, Cut Style)$59 & Up
The Classic With Color (Single Color With Shampoo, Treatment, Cut, Style)$125 & Up
The Classic With Highlights (Partial Foil Highlights W/ Shampoo, Treatment, Cut, Style)$167 & Up
The Classic with Full Highlights(Full Foil Highlights W/ Shampoo, Treatment, Cut & Style)$199 & Up
Classic Fusion with Highlights (Full Foil Highlights W/ Shampoo, Treatment, Cut, Style)$233 & Up
Classic Fusion with Full Highlights (Single Color & Full-Foil Highlights W/ Shampoo, Treatment, Cut & Style)$266 & Up
Waxing$17 & Up
Brow, Chin, or Lip$19 & Up
Any two Waxing Services$30 & Up
Any Three Waxing services$40 & Up

Services Offered by Bubbles Salon

Bubbles Salons offers various hair services, from simple cutting to more elaborate Keratin treatments. It’s advisable to call beforehand to ascertain whether the specialized service you want is available at your closest location.

All Bubbles Salons offer hair styling services. The service includes shampoos, blow drying, up-dos, and hair extensions. You can request any style you desire and have it delivered to you.

Hair coloring is another service offered by Bubbles. You’ll get single colors, dimensional coloring, highlights, and color correction services.

Salon Inside

Bubbles Salons also offers hair texturizing services ranging from curling to relaxing hair. Ketamine treatment is available for those with damaged hair.

Hair conditioning and treatment services, including Olaplex, are on offer. Olaplex is a formulation designed to restore the bonds in your hair, leaving it rejuvenated and protected from breakage.

You can also ask for cibu® Treatments with cibu® ‘s range of hair care products. These products include color correction treatments, Keratin treatments, moisturizing masks for curly hair, repair masks, detox shampoos, and nourishing oils.

Bubbles Salon doesn’t take care of the hair on your head only. They also provide grooming services to help you manage unwanted hair on your body. Their waxing services are available for your eyebrows, bikini area, legs, arms, and face.

You can also bring your kids to Bubbles Salons to get their hair done at discounted prices.

Bubbles Salon Hours

Bubbles Salon’s open times are similar across locations. However, keep in mind that hours can vary. We suggest calling your local salon to confirm their hours.

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday9:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday11:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

All Bubbles Salons carry salon-exclusive products from cibu®. cibu® is a professional haircare brand designed to care for your hair at an affordable price. These products are made to strengthen, moisturize, and repair your hair.

You can buy the CBD Moisture shampoo, the cibu® CBD moisture conditioner, and the cibu® CBD leave-in Conditioning spray.

Other products you will likely find at a Bubbles Salon include the Ka Pow Dry Shampoo and Ancient Serum Argan Oil Treatment, both by cibu®.

Company History

Bubbles Salon is a brand of Hair Cuttery, one of the US’s largest privately owned hairdressing chains. The first of their salons was started in 1974 as a collaboration between stylist Ann Ratner and Hairdresser Dennis Ratner.

The parent brand was relaunched in 2020 with a mission to deliver higher-quality hairstyling services through collaboration with salon professionals. Bubbles Salons has 15 salons in the US, primarily in Maryland and Virginia.

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