10 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors

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Temporary hair color is the perfect way to experiment with a new look without fully committing. However, sometimes, you don’t want to go to the salon to get your hair colored. Here are the best temporary hair dyes that you can apply to your hair at home.

1. oVertone Coloring Conditioner

You can get oVertone coloring conditioner in full sizes or sample sizes, allowing for easy experimentation with color. The formula is free from harmful ingredients and will give you a deep conditioning treatment while you color your hair. There are tons of color options, and each color can be applied either dry or wet to change the saturation.

Sample size optionOnly 8 oz Per Container
Color variety
Clean ingredients

2. AURA Hair Coloring Masque

AURA’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in recycled materials. The temporary color masque comes in tons of colors, including bright rainbow colors and any shade of natural hair. The masque only has to sit for a quick 10 minutes before the dye sets.

Clean ingredientsCompanion product
Lots of varietyOverpriced
Quick transformation
Clean ingredients

To maintain your color, you also have to purchase the AURA color conditioner. The product is already expensive and is even more pricey when you add in the cost of the conditioner.

3. Curlsmith Hair Makeup

Curlsmith designed their products to work specifically well on textured hair and dark colors. The gel formula is dye-free, so it won’t leave any stains or residue. It is cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced, and sulfate-free.

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There are only five color options, and they are a little more expensive than other one-wash colors.

Designed for all texturesLimited color variety
No messOverpriced
Clean ingredients

4. Kenra Color Semi-Permanent Creatives

The color creatives line has bold or muted colors to choose from. The formula gives your hair a deep conditioning treatment and will last for over 50 washes.

If you don’t end up liking the color you choose, it will take a long time to get it to fade. The color is temporary but lasts a lot longer than many other temporary colors. If you are not a natural blonde, you will probably need to lighten your hair before using the treatment.

Color varietyDifficult to remove
Long-lastingRequires lightening

5. Morroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

The mask only needs to sit for 5-7 minutes to get all of the amazing benefits and full color. In addition to fun colors, the mask will increase shine, and deep condition, increase softness, and repair and prevent any damage.

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There are not very many color options, especially if you want to avoid lightening or bleaching your hair. The masks are a more expensive option compared to other temporary dyes, as it costs $30 for one bottle.

Hair care benefitsLow variety

6. Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Color

This brand of temporary hair dye has very bright colors that have a range of different amounts of permanency. All the products have a clean vegan formula and come with an easy comb applicator.

People with darker hair will probably need to use some sort of lightener to see the full effect of this color. If anything spills on the skin or floors, it will likely leave stains.

Bold colorMay require lightener
Easy applicationMessy
Clean ingredients

7. Punky Colour Hair Color

This is a great product for people who are tired of smelly hair color. It lasts for months and will keep your hair soft and shiny with added keratin. This is perfect if you want a low-fade option but still want the option to switch colors often.

This is not a good product for people who are unsure about adding a new color to their hair because it will take over 35 washes to remove. The product can be difficult and messy to apply because it is just a bunch of cream in a tub with no applicator.

Long-lastingMessy application
Smells good

8. Hair Chalk Combs

Colored hair chalk is a super quick way to add a bit of color to your hair for a fun event or costume. Using a hair chalk comb will make application easy enough for kids. It quickly rinses out with water.

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The chalk is very dusty and will get on skin and clothes. It is difficult to get a full coverage color, and the chalk gradually falls out and fades, especially if your hair is moving a lot or rubbing on things.

Easy applicationMessy
Easy removalDoesn’t last

9. Ashley Lee Cosmetics Color Hair Wax

You can find a tub of this hair color wax for reasonable pricing, and it is super quick and easy to apply. The wax coats the hair, so it works well for darker hair colors as well. It quickly washes out and won’t leave any lasting effect on your hair.

The wax coating the hair, rather than being absorbed, prevents damage, but it also means that there will be color transfer on any skin or clothing that the hair touches. Your hair will likely feel sticky and waxy until you wash it out. This is a very short-term color and is best for special events.

AffordableColor transfer
No damageSticky residue
Easy removalOne-wash
Works for all hair

10. Color Lux Color Cleansing Conditioner

This color treatment cleans, conditions, and colors your hair every time you use it. The ingredients are both gluten-free and vegan, and anyone can find it easily at your local Sally Beauty supply store.

Pros: multi-purpose, clean ingredients, easily accessible

Cons: needs multiple applications, a subtle change

The product is designed to be used consistently over multiple washes. You will need to use a generous amount of the product consistently for a few washes before you will achieve your desired result, especially if your hair is not light, to begin with.

Multi-purposeNeeds multiple applications
Clean ingredientsSubtle change
Easily accessible

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