Arctic Fox Hair Dye Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Instructions

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Arctic Fox hair dye is one of the leading brands of hair colors for those who want to use their hair as an art form. Whether a person wants to go bright red or dark denim blue, this hair dye is bound to create a lasting impression on a person’s hair as long as they apply and maintain the color correctly. But how do you apply Arctic Fox hair dye?

Applying Arctic Fox Hair Dye is similar to applying other hair colors. You should pour the color into a bowl and use your hands or additional tools to apply it to your hair. After letting the hair color sit for 30 minutes, it is recommended that they rinse their hair in cold water.

With this general basis, people can start understanding how to apply and maintain Arctic Fox hair dye. Yet, there is so much more to uncover and understand before someone should get Artic Fox and start applying it to their hair.

How to Apply Arctic Fox Hair Dye

The process above is a simple overview of how to apply Arctic Fox hair dye. However, there are many other things and steps to consider. The first step is to examine the color catalog and choose the color they want.

A nice thing about Arctic Fox dyes is that they are made to safely be mixed with other colors. So, if a color is not quite the right shade or saturation, a person can mix it with any other Arctic Fox dye(s) to create the right color for them. If a person decides to mix, they should keep track of the ratio of the shades so if they want to make the color more vibrant in the future, they can.

After purchasing the dye, the next step is to wash their hair. This should only be done with shampoo and water. Conditioners can create a barrier between the hair and the color. After washing the hair, it is good to dry their hair. It is pertinent to have clean, dry hair before using this dye.

Once the hair is dry, it is important to gather the different tools. It is highly recommended that a person outline their hairline in some kind of oil. Arctic Fox recommends coconut oil, but a person can even use petroleum jelly. This should help people avoid dying their scalp, forehead, ears, or neck. After doing this, a person should grab the dye(s), the bowl, a brush, and gloves.

Now that all the tools have been grabbed, a person can pour out the color. If mixing, mix the colors together. After the right amount has been poured out, they should section off their hair and start coloring from the roots to the ends. Some people prefer to do left to right. Either way, when coloring hair, it is recommended to cover each strand thoroughly.

After all the strands have been covered, it is best to put the hair in a plastic cap and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the person should rinse their hair in cold water. It is recommended that they wash their hair in the kitchen sink instead of showering to promote vibrant color. Now they will have a full head of color and fun!

Tips and Tricks for Using Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Many people dye their hair one color, but the fun thing about Artic Foz hair dye is that it comes in fun colors, which allows you to color your hair multiple colors at one time. There are also many different tips and tricks to using this color that many people benefit from trying when using Artic Fox hair dye.

One thing that people should consider is the shade that they want. If someone enjoys the color but wants to have a pastel version of it, they should invest in some diluter. Some people say that conditioner works as well, but it is safest to use Artic Mist, which is Artic Fox’s diluting solution. When you mix in the diluter, the shade of the color will lighten by up to 4 or 5 shades. This can unlock a whole different world of color options.

Arctic Fox recommends that users of Arctic Fox dye should avoid doing certain things that may decrease the longevity and vibrance of the hair color. Some of these are easy to avoid, and others are a little more complex. It is best to avoid overexposure to the sun or water. This includes washing their hair too frequently, going to the beach, and swimming.

The chlorine in pools and the saltwater at beaches both cause the color to change and fade as well. Some alcohol-based hair products can also change the floor of your hair after it has been colored with Arctic Fox. This can require people to start clearing out their products to find the best sulfate-free and non-alcohol-based hair products in order to make their hair color last longer.

Something nice about the brand is that because the products are vegan and completely natural, they are safe for people of all ages to use. Other colors have ingredients that make them dangerous for people to potentially absorb into their skin. The ingredients in Arctic Fox hair dyes are safe to absorb, so they are safe for children and pregnant women. The semi-permanent nature of the hair color makes it so all people can have this creative outlet and switch up their hair color whenever they want!

An issue some people have with Arctic Fox hair dye is that it doesn’t like to stick to roots very well. A person suggested that they try lightening their roots with bleach. In her experience, it made the color come in vibrantly and stick well. That may not be the perfect solution for everyone, as it does require bleach and can damage your hair, but it is an option.

Now that you understand all of the details of using Arctic Fox hair dye go out and purchase it! It can be found online or in many different beauty stores.

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