9 Best Apps to Try Different Hair Colors

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Are you considering coloring your hair but are worried you won’t like it? Some apps have filters or features that allow you to see what you would look like with different hair colors. If you want to know the best apps that have these features, make sure to keep reading!

1. TikTok

TikTok is a great option for trying on different hair colors, as there is a virtually unlimited number of various filters to try. Whether you’re looking to change your hair with a very subtle color change looking to try some exciting, exotic colors, or even looking to see what your hair would look like with glitter or other accessories, TikTok likely has the right filter for that. All you have to do to try a different hair color on TikTok is search for “hair color filters” in the search bar and then look at the filters displayed.

One interesting way to try new colors is to search “hair color filters” or “hair dye,” and then when you see people trying out colors you like, you can use the same filter that they used in their video, which should be displayed at the bottom left corner of the video. Or you can search for the filters themselves and search by color, which also works quite well.

As a bonus, some filters change your hair length or hairstyle. Mixing and matching filters are possible on TikTok, so you can use it as a virtual style assistant for anything you would want to do with your hair. Just be aware that some filters won’t work as well when used at the same time as they will when used separately.

There is no shortage of different hair color filters on TikTok, and some are better than others, so a bit of experimenting can go a long way in finding a look that fits you. TikTok functions very well as a hair color app and a hair color inspiration app, so you really can’t go wrong.

2. Fabby Look

Fabby Look is one of the most well-rated hair color apps on the App Store. It offers 10+ different styles to try on. It also gives you the ability to take photos at any time using the live try-on option.

3. Garnier Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool

The Garnier virtual hair color try-on tool comes highly recommended by multiple Reddit users. This tool is relatively simple, and unlike TikTok or Snapchat, you can easily use a static photo of yourself to try on new hair colors. There are a few dozen different colors to choose from.

Conveniently enough, there is a link to buy any one of the colors you can try right there next to the image, which means that if you want to try that specific hair color, it is easy to do so. This website is incredibly easy to use, so if you want a simple solution that just works, this is probably going to be one of the better options out there.

4. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup does much more than just change your hair color; it includes one of the best hair color-changing digital filters out of any of the apps on this list. It has options for single-shade colors, dual-tone hair, and many more different subtle hair color options.

One of the best features of this app is the ability to add all sorts of different filters simultaneously, giving you the ability to see what a new hair color would look like with a new makeup or lip gloss color, making it more comprehensive than a lot of other apps. After all, if you’re going to go through the trouble of coloring your hair, you may as well find a makeup style to match.

This app may be a selfie editor, but it does a great job at showing you what your hair will likely look like if you color it in various colors.

5. Hair Zapp

HairZapp is a relatively well-rated hair color app and features a wide variety of different hair colors and styles to choose from. As one reviewer describes it, the downside to this app is that many of these styles are quite ugly. Take that as you will.

Still, this app is a good option if you want to get a general idea of what your hair might look like in another color and style.

6. L’Oreal’s Style My Hair

L’Oreal’s Style My Hair app is great at showing you what your hair will look like if you color it, one of the many natural or non-natural hair colors that L’Oreal makes and sells. If you like one of the hair colors that the app shows you, the app will even show you where you can get your hair colored by a professional!

This app uses 3D technology to show you exactly what your hair will look like, even as you move around.

7. Hair Color Changer

Hair Color Changer features a wide variety of different hair colors to try out, with the biggest drawback being that you can only try on one color at the same time.

8. FaceApp: Face Editor

One of the better-reviewed apps on this list is FaceApp: Face Editor. Once again, it is not simply just a hair-color-changing app, but it comes with a host of other different features as well.

In addition to being able to change your hair color and hairstyle with this app, you can see how these changes look in addition to a host of other cosmetic changes, including makeup, a smile filter, and even an age-changing filter.

9. Snapchat

Similarly to TikTok, Snapchat can be a pretty useful place to try out new hair colors virtually before you try them in real life. Just like TikTok, there are hundreds, probably even thousands, of different hair-changing filters and effects to try out.

The only downside is that it’s harder to see what hair color changes look like in real life compared to TikTok, where you can see both people using the filter and people who have gone ahead and colored their hair based on the filter. Still, Snapchat is just as good as TikTok when it comes to filtering quality, and there are probably just as many options to try, so there’s no harm in trying both to find a color you love!

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