Sport Clips Prices

Sport Clips price list

With a business vision catering to only men and boys, Sport Clips has a unique niche in the hair salon world. With “It’s good to be a guy” as the store slogan, you can see why this chain of salons has greatly impacted haircare for the oft-forgotten gender in the health and beauty sector. Sport …

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Hair Cuttery Prices

Hair Cuttery price list

Hair Cuttery is a chain of hair salons that provides a variety of affordable services for people of all ages. Today, they have over 800 salons located mainly along the East Coast. These salons focus on going above and beyond for their clients by giving them fresh hairstyles designed to make them look their best …

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Regis Salon Prices

Regis Salon price list

With a name known around the world and a reputation for excellence, Regis Salons is a great option for anyone looking for a classic or trendy cut or style. With salons located in many malls and shopping centers in hundreds of cities, you will find that you are almost always close to one of these …

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Holiday Hair Prices

Holiday Hair price list

If you are looking for a price-conscious salon that caters mainly to women with their unique haircare needs, Holiday Hair is a great choice. Although they are located in only a few Mid-Atlantic states, these salons have built up a reputation for focusing on artistry and natural beauty. Holiday Hair prices begin at about $24 …

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Supercuts Prices

Supercuts price list

Supercuts is one of the top names in low-cost hair cuts and hair styling across the country and offers amazing quality for its budget-friendly services. It offers consistent care at the more than 2,600 franchises across the country, along with several franchises now open in the United Kingdom and Australia. Supercut prices start at around …

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Fiesta Salon Prices

Fiesta Salons price list

Fiesta Salon offers you a neighborhood haircare experience that comes across as friendly, personable, and professional. Once you stop into one of the nearly 100 Fiesta locations, you will be sure to come back to experience more of their premier services at incredibly low prices. With a full range of services provided by professionally trained …

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BoRics Prices

BoRics hair salon

If you’re looking for basic haircare at a budget-friendly price and don’t have the time to wait for an appointment a few days away, BoRics is the salon for you. Although this chain offers great discounts for customers who love to score bargains, it still gives you high-quality hair care that you can feel proud …

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