Sola Salon Prices

Sola Salon Prices

Are you looking for a new salon? Want something both chic and affordable? Then check out Sola Salons.

Sola is a franchise of individually owned salons that offer many affordable hair and beauty services. Each location is unique and exciting.

Owners are allowed to set their prices, schedules, and products. So, while each location varies, this guide is here to give you an idea of what you can expect at an average Sola location.

Here’s a full breakdown of Sola Salon prices, hours, and services.

Why Choose Sola Salon?

There are several outstanding qualities that make Sola Salon an excellent choice.


Sola Salon greatly emphasizes community: community between beauty industry professionals and community within each salon’s staff and customers.

Sola strives to make every customer and owner feel like part of something bigger and provides the resources to reach out and learn together. Unique differences are celebrated rather than stomped out, and everyone is allowed to thrive in a space that is comfortable and personal.

Personal Feel:

Since each Sola location is owned independently, owners have free rein over schedules, prices, and services, as well as staff, décor, features, and focus. Furthermore, each location is personalized by its respective owner with a unique spin. These differences help differentiate locations and make each salon feel personal and made with love.

Local Options

Sola Salon has over 600 locations in the US alone, meaning you can find a salon almost anywhere. You may even be lucky enough to have multiples in your area. It also means you’ll never have to suffer a bad hair day, even traveling out of state.


With many other franchises, you can book a session anywhere, and you’ll essentially get the same experience. While some people like consistency, it also means that if you don’t like the experience at one location, you probably won’t enjoy it.

Sola Salons are independent and offer variety between locations. The vibes, décor, products, and focus of the salon can differ significantly. One location may have a laid-back and relaxed vibe, while another may have an upscale and elite feel.

You can find the salon that is right for you without putting blind faith in a completely different business.

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Services Offered

While every Sola Salon’s services differ slightly based on the preferences and direction the owner decides to take, every location offers the same standard services.

At each location, you can expect a variety of hair-cutting, styling, and coloring. Other services include extension options, chemical treatments, and beauty treatments. In addition, every store provides services for men, women, and children, regardless of hair type.


All locations will do any cut for anyone. The prices may vary based on clients’ age, sex, and hairstyle. Most salons have a specialty cut.


All locations can style your hair. Most offer a variety of updos, formal styles, casual styles, and protective styles. Some places have more options than others, and some may have more or less focus on natural, curly, or textured hair. Blowouts and dreadlocks are some of the most popular styling services.


Sola Salons has all types of coloring services, including full coverage, highlights, tips, root touch-ups, and multicolor sections. All salons offer permanent dye services, and many also have semi-permanent options.

Sola salons also offer gray coverage, color removal, and custom color mixing options for the perfect pigment.


Treatments are probably where Sola Salons differ the most. Many salons offer a full range of treatment options, including texture services, chemical treatments, and more, but others do not.

Treatments you may encounter include relaxers, texturizers, perms, hot oil, and protein treatments.


All locations offer extensions, but the type and style may vary. Most places offer sew-in, protective, purely cosmetic extensions, fusion styles, partial extensions, and tighten or fix existing extensions.

Other Services

Other than hair-related services, many locations also offer additional beauty services. Some salons have waxing, nails, and even massage.

The majority of waxing services are facial, usually eyebrows. Salons that do nails often provide lacquer or gel mani-pedis, but some may also offer extensions. Many salons include head and neck massages in some of their hair services.

Sola Salon Price List

Here is a full breakdown of services and prices offered by Sola Salon. Most prices are fixed, though some are contingent. Prices can also vary between locations.

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.


Half Cut$10.00
Signature Cut$15.00


*Child is 8-12, Adult is 13 and Up
Whole Head$35.00
Ends (Half)$50.00
Ends (All)$70.00
Highlights (Half)$50.00
Highlights (All)$85.00
Per Additional Color$15.00
Remove Color$20.00
Touch-Up Relaxers (Half)$15.00
Child - Touch-Up Relaxers (All)$15.00
Adult - Touch-Up Relaxers (All)$25.00
Child - Touch-Up Softeners$25.00
Adult - Touch-Up Softeners$35.00
Child - Virgin Relaxers$40.00
Adult - Virgin Relaxers$40.00 & Up
Child - Virgin Texture Softeners$45.00
Adult - Virgin Texture Softeners$40.00 & Up


Deep Condition/Hot Oil$15.00
Aphogee/Protein Treatment$25.00


*Child is 8-12, Adult is 13 and Up
Child - Relaxed$30.00
Adult - Relaxed$40.00
Child- Natural$40.00
Adult - Natural$50.00

Special Sets

*Child is 8-12, Adult is 13 and Up
Child - Relaxed or Natural$15.00
Adult - Relaxed or Natural$25.00


*Child is 8-12, Adult is 13 and Up
Child - Retwist$30.00
Adult - Retwist$40.00
Child - Twisties$40.00
Adult - Twisties$50.00
Child - Retwist Style$10.00 & Up
Adult - Retwist Style$15.00 & Up
Per Dreadlock Repair$10.00


Per Extension$5.00
Quick Bond (Half)$15.00
Quick Bond (All)$35.00
Quick Bond Tightening$15.00
Sew-In Tightening$20.00
Sew-In (Half)$60.00
Sew-In (All)$110.00
Versatile Sew-In$160.00
Non-Traditional Sew-In$210.00
Fusion Extensions$360.00

Salon Hours

These are examples of the standard hours at Sola Salon. Each location’s hours vary, so check your local salon’s website for differences and holiday hours.

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.

Products Sold

Salon owners are entirely free to choose which products they sell. One location may have a wide selection of top-shelf brands, while another might only have a small sampling of local goods.

New Sola Salon owners receive a package of starter products to sell, but they may decide to change them over time. Most locations offer discounts and sales, so it’s worthwhile asking about those.

Company History

In 2004, co-founders Stratton Smith and Matt Briger brought Sola Salons to life. Their dream was to create move-in-ready salons for independent owners. Kim Bennett became the first independent owner, and today, the franchise has grown to over 600 locations in the US. Sola Salon is also making rapid expansions across Canada.

Sola focuses on community and 2016 launched an exclusive app for owners and customers alike. In 2019, Sola implemented an online booking search engine that links all franchise locations together.

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