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Finding a good salon to get your hair done at can be tricky in Los Angeles, where everyone claims to be the best. Nine Zero One is one of the few salons that live up to their word.

Co-founded by celebrity hair stylists, Nine Zero One is known for its high-quality and trendsetting hairstyles. Their professional hair stylists will give you iconic hairstyles while protecting the health and integrity of your hair. You can expect celebrity-level hair care at Nine Zero One even if you are not a celebrity.

Why Choose Nine Zero One Salon?

Nine Zero One

We all love trying things that others have tried. We can see their results and judge for ourselves, especially with hair.

Nine Zero One has served A-list celebrities. Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez, Matt LeBlanc, Toni Braxton, and Megan Trainor have been to Nine Zero One, some making it their regular hair salon.

Top celebrities go there for quality. Nine Zero One is based on a foundation of quality service, quality products, and a luxurious atmosphere.

When you get your hair done at Nine Zero One, you’re sure to get what you ordered, whether it’s the latest trending hairstyle or a traditional cut. Not only that, you’re confident that your hair stylist will maintain your hair’s health regardless of the procedure.

Hair stylists at Nine Zero One are highly skilled and talented, delivering what you order every time. Of course, their prices are on the higher end, but the service you get is worth every penny you spend.

If you need help with what to ask for when you first go there, the salon is known for its beach waves, extensions, and coloring.

Services Offered by Nine Zero One Salon

Nine Zero One offers hair services, including color treatments and haircuts. They are well-known for shorter hairstyles such as the LOB (longer bob). They also provide contemporary and traditional haircuts.

Color treatments are another popular service at the salon. You could go for partial to full highlights or lowlights. Nine Zero One works with colorists familiar with color and hair to deliver the salon’s sun-kissed blond style every time.

The salon is also known for its hair extensions, Balayage, and permanent waves. Their waxing service helps you deal with unwanted hair on your face, chest, back, arms, legs, and bikini area.

Nine Zero One offers skin care services, from facial treatments to chemical peels and makeup. For those keen on learning, you can join the 901 Academy for various hair styling, coloring, and makeup application courses.

Nine Zero One Price List

Here’s a breakdown of the prices at Nine Zero One.

Disclaimer: Prices below are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.

Nine Zero One Services

Haircut & Style$50.00
Shampoo & Style$35.00
Hair ColorStarting $75.00
Foil HighlightsStarting $85.00
Permanent WaveStarting $95.00
Deep Conditioning Treatment$25.00
Texture ServicesStarting $55.00
Formal Up StyleStarting $75.00
Hair Extension Consultation$30.00
Haircut & Style W/ Hair Extension Consultation$130.00
Shampoo, Blow Dry + Basic Style$40.00
Extended Blow Dry + StyleStarting $50.00
Keratin Smoothening TreatmentStarting $300.00
Color AnalysisStarting $15.00
Highlight, Tone, & ShadeStarting $30.00
BalayageStarting $85.00
Conditioning TreatmentStarting $25.00
Permanent Wave W/ Haircut/ Style$95.00 - $115.00
Chemical Relaxer W/ Haircut/style$85.00 - $95.00
Single-Strand Application Hair Extensions$3 - $4 Per Piece
Brow Shaping/ Tinting$25.00 - $50.00
Makeup ApplicationStarting $60.00
Facial TreatmentsStarting $60.00
Chemical Peel Treatments$55.00 - $75.00

Nine Zero One Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.
Monday10:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday10:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday10:00am – 6:00pm

Products Sold

Nine Zero One Salon stocks a range of hair care and beauty products.

One of their products is the Raindrops Brand. Capri and Lee developed the Raindrops filtration system after discovering that minerals in shower water affected the health and quality of their hair and that of their clients. They created a filtration system that uses six steps to provide clean water to keep their hair and clients healthy.

They also developed the In Common Beauty Brand, an inclusive luxury haircare brand dedicated to providing the best products for your hair. The brand carries products that moisturize, condition, repair, and protect your hair.

On Sale
IN COMMON Moisturizing System
  • Clear Haze is a moisture-balancing universal shampoo that is designed for all hair types...
  • This luxurious, ultra-concentrated foam formula detoxifies to remove impurities while...
  • Clear Haze keeps your crown nourished and your scalp balanced to promote healthy hair

All products in the In Common brand contain the C3 Custom Care Complex, designed to repair the porous areas in the hair cuticle, introduce flexibility into your hair to reduce breakage, and consistently moisturize your hair.

Other products in the haircare line include Vitamin B3 for stronger hair follicles and fibers, Avocado oil for hydration, rose extract for managing frizz, and lavender & orange extracts to condition and nourish hair and scalp.

The In Common Magic In a Bottle is their most popular product. The 4-in-1 formulation contains a heat protectant, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and smoothing balm to hydrate, condition, and nourish your hair.

IN COMMON Magic Myst Universal Elixir, 8.45 Fl Oz
  • When used daily this power packed elixir: Seals cuticle to prevent future split ends....
  • When used daily this power packed elixir: Eliminates frizz, static & flyaways
  • When used daily this power packed elixir: Reinforces weak hair fibers to repair existing...

Another popular product is the Clear Haze Universal Shampoo. It is a lightweight, detoxifying formula designed to remove dirt and pollutants from your hair and scalp, leaving them nourished.

The shampoo works well with the Velvet Cloud Universal Mask, which In Common Beauty recommends using in between shampoo washes every week. The mask is designed for all hair types and textures. It introduces moisture and nourishment to your hair and scalp. The formula is ideal for repairing damaged hair, preventing split ends, and minimizing hair breakage.

The In Common brand also carries the Leave-in Hair Repair Treatment With Cellular Membrane Complex. The treatment formula is designed to restore overly processed or brittle hair from the inside out. It contains amino acids, fats, aloe Vera, natural oils, Vitamin E, and the C3 technology to repair, moisturize, and protect your hair.

Company History

Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee established Nine Zero One in 2009 after years of working together at Fred Segal Beauty and other hair and beauty salons. Both of them have worked with A-list celebrities, giving them trendsetting hairstyles. They are well-known for their Great Lengths Extensions and top-notch customer service.

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