Dashing Diva Salon Prices

Dashing Diva nail salon

While it is simple to find dozens of nail salons in most large cities, there is a reason why customers return repeatedly to Dashing Diva. Offering top-notch service and amazing lines of products, Dashing Diva has proven that it has the quality and the service that customers want. Dashing Diva Prices start at $19 for …

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Lovely Nails Prices

Lovely Nails & Spa salon

Everyone wants to feel pampered as they get their nails done, and Lovely Nails and Spa does just that. With elegant environments, online booking, and a full list of the most popular services, Lovely provides an experience that goes over and above what you would expect at both of their major California locations. Lovely Nails …

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Regal Nails Prices (Walmart Nail Salon)

Regal Nails salon

If you are looking for a nail salon that is convenient for your lifestyle but that still leaves you feeling pampered and looking your best, look no further than Regal Nails. This full-service nail salon (sometimes called Walmart Nail Salon) with over 900 locations, mainly inside Walmart stores, focuses on great service, clean environments, and …

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LA Nails Prices

LA Nails price list

For high-end service at a low cost, consider LA Nails, a nail salon that embodies the excitement and personality of its namesake city. The salons are easy to find in many major cities across the country, often found in centrally-located suburban strip malls, and each one offers the same premium services for unparalleled quality. LA …

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Happy Nails Prices

Happy Nails price list

Happy Nails embodies the story of one family searching for the American dream. As they did so, they managed to find a brand that embodies small-town charm with all the luxury of a well-known and prosperous brand. With great service, an amazing ambiance, and budget-friendly prices, you can find much to love at this California-area …

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