Why Does My Hair Get So Tangled? (and How to Prevent It)

tangled hair

The idea of having to brush through tangles is enough to have you contemplating going from long layers to a pixie cut. While scalp sensitivity can differ from person to person, we all have experienced that painful tug on our scalp when we try to comb or brush it. Before you make an appointment to …

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How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

how often to condition hair

There’s just something about silky tresses that make you want to reach out and touch them. With just a toss of the head, they seem to fall perfectly into place looking soft, shiny, and healthy. All the damage we do to our hair from heat styling to bleaching leaves hair dry and damaged. To revive …

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13 Different Types of Hair Rollers

different hair rollers

At first glance, hair rollers may seem like things of the past. In fact, you may have seen your grandmother wearing them around the house in the morning or heard stories of how your mother had to wear rag rollers to bed each night as a girl. However, today’s roller options are incredibly diverse, letting …

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How Long Does it Take to Tan in the Sun? (and How to Tan Faster)

how long to tan?

Nothing says summer like a tan. Especially when after a long winter of staying indoors, our pale skin looks more “snow white” than “golden glow”. But just how do we get that sun-kissed skin? Do we slap on some tanning oil and lay in the backyard? Or slather up in sunscreen and hope those rays …

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7 Benefits of Black Tea for Hair (and How to Use It)

black tea for hair benefits

The cup of tea that you drink each morning can do more than you may have thought possible. While black tea can certainly jumpstart your metabolism and wake you up for a busy day ahead, it can also breathe new life into your hair. Before you dump your morning cup of tea directly on your …

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17 Different Types of Braids

different types hair braids

The braid can be either a casual or a formal look depending on the exact style you try and the embellishments that you add. While your mother may have French braided your hair to keep it out of your face at school when you were younger, there are far more exciting ways to wear your …

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How to Wash a Synthetic Wig in 7 Steps

washing synthetic wig

Today’s synthetic wigs are far stronger, more beautiful and more resilient than ever before. Even when they begin to show signs of wear, they can easily be salvaged and returned to like-new condition with a simple washing. However, washing a synthetic wig is nothing like washing your natural hair or even a natural hair wig. …

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11 Different Types of Combs

types of combs featured

You probably have at least a comb or two in your bathroom drawer, but it may surprise you to learn that there are at least 11 different types of combs designed for different functions and hair types. If you have been using your comb merely to give yourself the part that you want or to …

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13 Different Types of Hair Brushes

different hairbrush types

Even more popular than the comb is for most women, the brush is often seen as the key hair styling aid, smoothing out frizz and untangling snarled hair with ease. Even men with longer hairstyles may find that a brush can tame their locks. However, with so many types of brushes from which to choose …

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9 Different Types of Perms (w/ Pictures)

perms types

If all of your ideas about perms come from movies made 30 to 40 years ago, you may be surprised to learn about all of the things this wonderful hair styling option can do today. Now, you can choose from all different styles of perms, from tightly wound curls to loose, beachy waves that will …

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